100 reasons why Planned Parenthood shouldn’t exist

This Sunday marks Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary and during that time, the franchise has killed more babies through abortion than any other organization (while receiving $500 million in taxpayer funding).  We mourn the millions of babies they killed before birth and therefore listed 100 reasons why Planned Parenthood shouldn’t exist.

  1. Has killed 6.7 million babies since their inception
  2. Commits one abortion every 97 seconds
  3. Commits one-third of all abortions in the U.S.
  4. Dismembers babies in the womb (even when they feel pain)
  5. Operates the biggest abortion facility in the western hemisphere in Houston
  6. Committed illegal partial birth abortions to harvest baby body parts
  7. Aids and abets sex traffickers
  8. Has committed Medicaid fraud
  9. Has committed fraud with taxpayer dollars on multiple occasions
  10. Violated city code to build a mega abortion facility in San Antonio
  11. Represents less than 2% of facilities in Texas’ Women’s Health Program
  12. Charged the state of Texas 43% more per client than other providers in the Women’s Health Program, according to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission
  13. Returns abused children into the hands of their attackers
  14. Filmed numerous times hiding statutory rape in order to sell an abortion
  15. Honors eugenicist founder, Margaret Sanger, who proposed the “American Baby Code” designed “to provide for a better distribution of babies… and to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit.”
  16. Ignores Margaret Sanger’s work with the KKK
  17. Continues Margaret Sanger’s promotion of abortion as a means of killing poor people
  18. Fails to disassociate with Margaret Sanger, who compared poor people to weeds
  19. Upholds Margaret Sanger’s belief “the most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it.”
  20. Builds abortion facilities in minority communities in order to target minority babies
  21. Accepts donations earmarked for aborting babies of ethnic minorities
  22. Disproportionately kill more black babies than other races
  23. Discriminates against babies with disabilities
  24. Advocates for sex-selection abortions which often discriminatorily kill baby girls
  25. Haggled over baby parts for a Lamborghini
  26. Has violated patient privacy by sharing disclosed medical information to baby body part buyers
  27. Sold fully-formed, in-tact aborted babies to biotech companies
  28. Promised to stop selling aborted babies’ body parts, but continued to do so in Houston
  29. Falsified accounting records to sell aborted babies’ body parts
  30. Disposed of aborted baby parts in the garbage disposal
  31. Pays Cecile Richards nearly a million dollars per year
  32. Received funding for breast cancer programs, yet none of their centers owned or operated mammogram equipment
  33. Used invalid consent forms to deceive women into donating their babies’ organs for profit
  34. Endangers mothers by modifying abortion procedures to harvest baby parts
  35. Forces abortion quotas
  36. Promote contraceptives to ensure patients return for abortion
  37. Receives half a BILLION dollars of U.S. tax dollars
  38. Commits 149 abortions for every 1 adoption referral
  39. Draws a profit of $127 million as the largest abortion provider in the country
  40. Advocates for states to be forced to fund abortion
  41. Awards affiliates for massive abortion numbers
  42. Prioritizes abortion over other patients
  43. Hijacked Zika funding and research to siphon more money from taxpayers
  44. Has failed clinic inspections numerous times
  45. Reduced cancer screenings by 53%
  46. Cut breast exams by 42%
  47. Has dumped aborted baby parts in landfills
  48. Downplayed a woman’s life-threatening injuries to a 911 dispatcher after they botched an abortion
  49. Requires non-certified employees to handle medical care, counseling, and prescriptions
  50. Throws lavish parties for abortion executives while receiving taxpayer funding
  51. Spends $14,000 dollars per day on travel (subsidized by taxpayers)
  52. Occupies a $34.8 million corporate office space two blocks from Madison Square Garden (subsidized by taxpayers)
  53. Encourages teens to participate in BDSM
  54. Targets college-aged women for abortions
  55. Uses Texas Christian college to build PR for themselves in the Dallas community
  56. Exploits Girl Scouts of America to expose to young girls their abortion agenda
  57. Forces biased sex education classes on public schools as a means of receiving taxpayer dollars
  58. Tries to normalize and promote sexual activity among school-aged children
  59. Lies about abortion only being 3% of their services
  60. Delivers biased counseling against pregnancy and parenting
  61. Delivers biased counseling against adoption
  62. Deceives women about the existing link between abortion and breast cancer
  63. Spreads the lie that mothers can’t achieve their dreams
  64. Calls Pro-Lifers “terrorists”
  65. Lies to women about the developmental stage of their preborn babies
  66. Exploits miscarriage to force their extreme views on Americans
  67. Pays protesters to attend rallies
  68. Misrepresented maternal mortality study to promote taxpayer subsidies for their facilities
  69. Misleads the public about wildly unsuccessful embryonic stem cell research
  70. Cries injustice when they leave rural markets, but enthusiastically build centers in urban areas instead of rural ones
  71. Denies the link between abortion and subsequent premature births
  72. Attempts to normalize abortion
  73. Denies the existence of post-abortive stress syndrome
  74. Killed Cree Erwin in a botched abortion
  75. Knew of Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors and did not report him to the authorities
  76. Killed a woman by misusing RU-486
  77. Abandons born-alive survivors of abortion
  78. Denies the existence of abortion survivors
  79. Quoted Hillary Clinton saying, “every child deserves the opportunity to live up to their God given potential,” while hypocritically killing children before they are born
  80. Registers clients to vote in their centers to skew the electorate
  81. Opposes parental involvement for minors’ abortions
  82. Opposes informed consent for women before they obtain abortions
  83. Opposes showing mothers sonograms of their babies before their abortions
  84. Colludes with district attorneys to talk their way out of investigations
  85. Silences opposition by barring citizen journalism in California
  86. Maligns Pro-Life undercover journalists through bogus indictments
  87. Opposes legislation to protect women from coerced abortions
  88. Opposes measures to improve safety standards of abortion facilities
  89. Opposes measures to ensure women’s safety by requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital
  90. Lobbied against the Preborn Pain bill
  91. Fights to keep Texans’ insurance premiums funding abortion against their will
  92. Endorsed Hillary Clinton, the most anti-Life candidate running for president
  93. Gives more than half a million dollars to anti-Life candidates
  94. Targets free speech of Pro-Lifers who pray outside abortion facilities
  95. Advocates overturning the Hyde Amendment which protects your tax dollars from directly funding abortion–and saves lives!!
  96. Pushes legislation to require pregnancy centers to promote abortion
  97. Promotes China’s one-child policy (now two-child policy)
  98. Attacks pregnancy help centers
  99. Led the charge for partial-birth abortions
  100. Paid supporters who chanted “hail Satan” in the Texas Capitol in 2013