David Daleiden slapped with fourth bogus lawsuit as abortion cartel scrounges to cover tracks

David Daleiden made sure the past twelve months were not good for the American abortion industry, and he’s not finished.  Thanks to the undercover video project led by Daleiden’s organization, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the lid has been blown off of the most closely-held secret in the abortion cartel: the trafficking of aborted baby body parts.

To keep him quiet, abortion industry fiends and their cohorts have employed legal action time and again.  The latest example comes from employees of buying and selling organizations working in affiliation with the University of Washington, which Daleiden is working to expose.  The multiple instances of legal retaliation against the CMP amount to little more than stalling tactics, because bogus charges are systematically dropped or rendered powerless to smokescreen the truth.

The Center for Medical Progress reports: “Planned Parenthood and their allies have yet again stormed into federal court, this time demanding the suppression of public records about Planned Parenthood’s supply of aborted baby parts to the taxpayer-sponsored, NIH-funded fetal harvesting service at the University of Washington.”  The Pro-Lifers are being represented by attorneys at the Life Legal Defense Foundation.

Five months ago, Pro-Life activists began investigating relationships between baby body part buyers and sellers connected the University of Washington’s Birth Defects Research Laboratory.  The Federalist’s Mollie Hemmingway reports:

Daleiden requested the information in February regarding the public university’s relationship to Planned Parenthood.  The suit also targets Zachary Freeman, director of communications for the Family Policy Institute of Washington, who requested similar information.

Joseph Backholm of the Family Policy Institute told the local NBC affiliate that the public records requests were straightforward.  “We’re looking for information about relationships between entities,” Backholm said, “and whether money was exchanged for human body parts.”  But when the University informed Planned Parenthood and their allies that the requested information would be released on August 5, the abortion entities predictably scuttled to a federal court to block taxpayers and the public from the information they deserve.

In the transactions Daleiden and his team work to expose, abortion businesses market human organs and other body parts to procurement middlemen and researchers, who in turn reward the abortion industry sellers with a plush profit margin.  The activities, as documented by the CMP, are illegal.  And the buyers and sellers involved – including so-called nonprofit organizations – know that exposés of their legally questionable and wildly unethical escapades inch them closer and closer to taxpayer de-funding.  “The American people, whose tax dollars make this entire barbaric industry possible,” said Daleiden, “deserve to know the truth.”