Planned Parenthood launches multimillion dollar pro-abortion campaign against Trump

Planned Parenthood has launched a behemoth ground campaign aimed at persuading voters to vote for Hillary Clinton – or, more accurately, to not vote for Donald Trump.  Indeed, Planned Parenthood is nervous in the face of a presidential race on which hinges the fate of the abortion industry.  Namely, the next presidential terms will see a Supreme Court overhaul.  The question for Pro- and anti-Life campaigners alike is whether that overhaul will cement abortion on-demand as a Constitutional “right” as Hillary Clinton hopes, or whether a new bench would consign Roe v. Wade to the ash heap of history.”

Rolling Stone called Planned Parenthood’s ground campaign, which spans 6 battleground states, “an army of thousands.”  Planned Parenthood reports that about 3,500 people have volunteered, but – in true Planned Parenthood fashion – another 800 are paid canvassers, according to the New York Times.  Boasting a $30M budget, the campaign confirms that promoting abortion drains resources (the business’s IRS Form 990 reveals, for example, that PP boss Cecile Richards was paid nearly $1M in 2014).  The $30M budget – double what was spent to keep Romney out of the White House – also confirms that Planned Parenthood faces an unprecedented threat in the Trump-Pence duo.

In fact, Planned Parenthood told Rolling Stone that “Access to safe and legal abortion and access to reproductive health care is on the ballot this year like never before.”  Interestingly, Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, seems to pose the greatest threat to abortion cheerleaders.  Add an outspokenly Pro-Life campaign manager and solid committee of Pro-Life advisers to Pence’s staunch record on abortion and Planned Parenthood does indeed have a big Pro-Life problem.

Pence, whose unyielding Pro-Life stance has made headlines for years, affirmed the Pro-Life platform on which he is running with Trump during last week’s Vice Presidential Debate in Farmville, Virginia.  Pence gave an unfiltered public voice to the Pro-Life American majority when he boldly stated: “A society can be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable – the aged, the infirm, the disabled, and the unborn.”  He also shined a limelight on Hillary Clinton’s unconscionable, radical fringe position in support of partial-birth abortion.

The ground campaign aims to reach 3 million voters ahead of the November 8 election, and Planned Parenthood says they are informing voters about the Trump campaign’s posture on abortion.  Are they, we wonder, likewise informing voters of Hillary’s extreme, out-of-touch position on killing fully-formed children in gruesome acts of violence?  One thing is clear: Pro-Lifers must get to the polls this election season to ensure, by casting ballots for presidential, state, and local races alike, that the voiceless victims of the culture of death have a voice in the Pro-Life majority.