Illegally-operating Planned Parenthood has City of San Antonio eating out of their hand

You may be following the saga of Planned Parenthood constructing a mega abortion mill in a San Antonio residential neighborhood, Dreamhill Estates.  Despite vehement objections from residents – and the laws of the City of San Antonio – Planned Parenthood has slithered through the system virtually unencumbered by the legislation that prohibits their activity.  How?  By lining the pockets of candidates in tomorrow’s election.  Apparently, forking over campaign donations goes a long way toward achieving any goal in San Antonio – no matter how insidious.  And for Planned Parenthood, that goal is immunity from the law.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, well-known president of the Susan B. Anthony List, exposed Planned Parenthood’s law-bending tactics this week.  In an op-ed for Townhall, Dannenfelser recounts the complicity of the City of San Antonio with the Planned Parenthood business plan.  The saga began when Planned Parenthood used a shell company, Delantero Investors, to purchase the facility on Babcock Road.

Along with San Antonio City Council, the mayor at the time – Julian Castro (now a fixture of the Obama administration) – broke city zoning requirements by allowing Planned Parenthood to set up a gargantuan surgical abortion mill in a residential neighborhood flanked by mom and pop businesses.  City council was also party to deceiving contractors on the Planned Parenthood job, who were not apprised of their real client.  Pro-Lifers informed businesses that they were working for Planned Parenthood; some of them backed out of the job on principle.

Dannenfelser explains another layer of the corruption surrounding the deal in San Antonio, revealing how committed certain politicians are to appeasing the hand that feeds them (Planned Parenthood):

As of right now, no one is forcing these suppliers and contractors to do this work against their will, but any dissident within the city’s planning office has been punished for objecting to the misapplication of the law in this instance.  Danze and the coalition of concerned citizens point to former city Senior Planner Trenton Robertson.  Robertson, aware of the city’s zoning laws, wrote a letter exposing the fact that the city was violating its own policies because the current zoning for the neighborhood was not correct for Planned Parenthood’s proposed use.

When City Manager Sheryl Sculley and Rod Sanchez, director of San Antonio’s Development Services Department, saw Robertson’s letter, he was promptly demoted and run out of the city.  Such is the reward for pointing out that the city should follow its own development board policies.  Especially when the exception is being made for the nation’s largest abortion chain.

Additionally, Planned Parenthood has contributed more than $100,000 in private campaign donations to city council members who have helped them secure San Antonio – with or without approval from the people of San Antonio they were elected to represent.  Read Dannenfelser’s full op-ed here.  To stay informed on the current status of the Planned Parenthood mega abortion mill in San Antonio, visit