Abortionist nonchalantly tells 911 she perforated patient´s uterus at the end of phone call

Oh, by the way, she has a perforated uterus.

That’s basically how the end of a 911 call made by abortionist Valerie King went down in November. When a Salem, Oregon, dispatcher answers the phone, King casually greets the operator, “Hey, 911.”

She proceeds to explain that she has a non-emergent patient (i.e., there is no rush for the paramedics to show up) who “needs transport” to a nearby hospital. When asked for the REASON for transport to the hospital, King states that the reason is for “exploratory laparoscopy.” “She’s absolutely fine,” continues King.

Not until the end of the phone call, after all the other information had been gathered, does King reveal the bombshell – and she likely would not have revealed the information had the dispatcher not questioned, “Anything else we need to know?” To that, King responded: “Uhh, I don’t, uhh, she’s immediately post-abortion and has a perforation of her uterus.”

King was fully aware that the very first thing she should have told the dispatcher was of the need for hospital transport of a patient with a perforated uterus. King spent a minute and forty-five seconds nonchalantly chatting up the 911 dispatcher before seeing fit to mention the crucial detail the dispatcher had to press to uncover. This intentional delay by the abortionist increased the risk of further medical complications and very well may have endangered the life of her patient.

Listen to the outrageous conversation below:

Planned Parenthood’s most successful marketing tactic is to present their abortion business as a pro-woman venture. But King is a perfect paradigm of Planned Parenthood’s real attitude toward women; that is, women are secondary to profit in the bizarre Planned Parenthood universe.

Thanks to Operation Rescue for making this 911 call easily accessible to the public. More information is available here