Latest CMP video reports more fraud from Planned Parenthood

Nearly nine months after the first bombshell video was released by Pro-Life citizen journalists at the Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood is still under intense scrutiny for the inhuman and even illegal abuses they have been caught committing time and again.  Multiple state and federal investigations into the abortion behemoth are ongoing, with headlines issuing most recently from a House Energy and Commerce Committee panel commissioned with investigating revelations from the CMP.

The Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives held an inaugural hearing on March 2, and yielded telling admissions from a top Planned Parenthood lawyer, as documented in the CMP’s latest video release:


In the video, a California scientist who is also a Planned Parenthood donor, Lawrence Goldstein, was asked whether a Planned Parenthood affiliate’s consent form violated a federal law which prohibits abortion businesses from applying undue inducement to donate the remains of their aborted child for research.  The form makes outlandish and easily refutable claims about research on aborted children yielding medical breakthroughs and even “cures” to debilitating diseases like diabetes, AIDs, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.  Although Goldstein himself has conducted research on the body parts of babies aborted at Planned Parenthood, he affirmed that the language constituted an “inappropriate statement that should not have been made.”

CMP director David Daleiden (who was indicted for his Texas investigations by a corrupt Harris County District Attorney’s office in January) responded to the admission, saying: “When a Planned Parenthood supporter and baby parts customer admits under oath that Planned Parenthood has been fraudulently inducing patient consent, it discredits all of Planned Parenthood’s assurances that their baby parts scheme has operated legally and above-board.”

Planned Parenthood supporters called to the March 2 hearing by the Democrat minority abused scientific facts, insisting that research on the Zika virus and various vaccines requires the procurement of aborted children.  But when scrutinized, these statements were found to be utterly false.  According to a press release from the Select Investigative Panel:

During the Select Investigative Panel’s March 2nd hearing on Bioethics and Fetal Tissue, witnesses for the Democrats repeatedly claimed that progress on the Zika virus would require fetal tissue research.  When asked about the need for fetal tissue in understanding the implications of the Zika virus, Dr. Lawrence Goldstein told the Select Panel that “if you want to understand the Zika virus, the most efficient place to start is with the fetal tissue that is infected.  That just seems self-evident to me.”  Only days later, The Washington Post cited an academic article that reported a breakthrough about how the Zika virus infects the brain of preborn children.  The discovery had been made through research using not fetal tissue, but induced pluripotent stem cells — an adult stem cell research tool that won the Nobel Prize in 2012.

The Democrats and their witnesses repeatedly cited vaccines as also requiring fetal tissue.  But today it was reported that the first level trial on human subjects of a Dengue fever vaccine has been a success.  The vaccine was developed using monkey and mosquito cells — not the organs of unborn babies.

In addition to lying about established science, the abortion industry tried to play coy with the federal investigation by neglecting to produce requested documents, or redacting documents to the point of unintelligibility.  Last week, Representative Marsha Blackburn, who chairs the Select Investigative Panel, issued twelve subpoenas to tissue procurement organizations (TPOs) that failed to comply with the Panel’s numerous requests for information crucial to their investigation.  The TPOs have until Monday to produce the subpoenaed information ahead of several Select Investigative Panel’s deposition dates scheduled throughout the month.