Abortionist on leaked CMP footage: Pushing aborted babies down garbage disposal "is funny in a really sick way"

What to do with the bodies of aborted babies is a huge issue for the abortion industry as spotlighted in the multiple leaked presentations filmed by undercover journalists with the Center for Medical Progress.  Renee Chelian is one of the many abortionists featured in undercover footage filmed by the CMP at last year’s National Abortion Federation (NAF) conference. The NAF conference is a highly secretive, wildly exclusive annual event that attracts – by invitation – the abortion cartel’s top players.  Chelian’s talk was on the ever-growing problem of fetal tissue disposal.

Cremation is expensive.  Medical waste companies, to the consternation of abortionists, often refuse to take the bodies of babies killed in abortions.  Incineration is expensive and complicated.  Medical researchers usually want pieces of the babies, but not the whole bodies.  Pro-Life activists effectively interfere with disposal contracts by talking companies out of partnership with abortionists.  In short: the options for disposing of the babies killed in abortion mills are slim.   

Exacerbating the problem for abortionists is their need to avoid headlines about the way these dead bodies are used an abused.  Chelian fear-mongers certain disposal methods and the potentiality of inciting a New York Times headline so detrimental that the abortion industry may never recover from the damage.  She shares an experience when her “waste disposal” problems spiraled out of control:

“There was a point when Stericycle [a large company that disposes of ‘regulated substances’]fired us,” says Chelian, “that I had five months of fetal tissue in my freezers.  We were renting freezers to put them in.  It was all I thought about, was fetal tissue.  Like, I was so consumed with fetal tissue, I was ready to drive to upper Michigan and have a bonfire.  And I was just trying to figure out, you know, how I wouldn’t get stopped.  Or, you know, how far into the woods would I have to go to have this fire that nobody was going to see me… I dreamed about how to dispose of fetal tissue.  And the garbage disposal was an option.  I mean, there was a point that I actually hired someone from another clinic to come in and take the twenty bottles and put them in the garbage disposal. […] I want you to laugh about this. This is funny.  It’s funny in a really sick way.”