With VP pick Tim Kaine, Clinton campaign solidifies anti-Life resolve

Last week, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton selected VP running mate Tim Kaine.  Kaine hails from Virginia, a critical swing state, where he served as governor and then junior senator.  His stance on abortion is as disturbing as Hillary Clinton’s – including a firm betrayal of the preborn in recent years with Kaine’s increasingly anti-Life stance on abortion.  

Pundits are calling Clinton’s selection of Kaine a “safe” pick – something Clinton desperately needs amidst the manifold political imbroglios she faces.  Some believed that Clinton would choose someone edgier like radical abortion activist Elizabeth Warren, who said that Republican measures to protect pain-capable preborn children from the violent torture of abortion made her “sick to her stomach.”  Indeed, Warren and Clinton are two peas in a pod on the abortion issue, but Kaine carries the strategic benefit of being from a crucial swing state – a state whose votes Clinton desperately needs in order to secure the White House.

Kaine does not boast the same lavish funding from anti-Life lobby groups as some other politicians (like Warren) whom pundits speculated could receive the VP nom; nevertheless, his position is clear: Tim Kaine stands for unrestricted abortion on-demand.  The self-proclaimed “Catholic” politician even praised the recent Supreme Court decision which struck down Texas state protection for women against predation by Big Abortion.  Kaine called the ruling, “a major win for women and families across the country, as well as the fight to expand reproductive freedom for all.”

This reaction stands in stark contrast to statements Kaine made during his gubernatorial campaign in Virginia that he had a “faith-based opposition” to abortion, and that his “goal” was “reducing abortions.”  Observers have likened Kaine’s dualism on abortion and Catholicism to that of notorious politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo.  National Right to Life president Carol Tobias said that Kaine “is good at hiding behind his Catholic background – but no one should be fooled.  His record, and his openly declared legislative goals, are as pro-abortion as they come.”