This week on LifeTalk: The Big Abortion Bully is angrier than ever

Last week on LifeTalk we discussed the abortion industry’s rampant discrimination against Pro-Life advocates working to peacefully defend Life.  This week, the team at LifeTalk examines how abortion industry backers bully anyone who opposes their draconian worldview.  LifeTalk is hosted in Frisco Texas, by Life Dynamics President and Vice President, Mark Crutcher and Renee Hobbs, and co-anchored by Texas Right to Life’s Melissa Conway and Elizabeth McClung.

First up, a zealous abortion promoter claims that “women don’t deserve better than abortion,” and that the “idea that women regret their abortion is a total myth and a lie.”  The jarring comments come from Erin Matson, a vociferous cheerleader for elective abortion on-demand.  In Matson’s unreality, abortion is a wonderful social good and somehow Pro-Lifers – including all Pro-Life women, many of whom regret their own abortions – subscribe to a fictitious worldview in which abortion harms women.  Radical abortion proponents like Matson not only snub their noses at the women who have been harmed by abortion; they also push for unlimited, taxpayer-funded abortion on-demand.

In response to Matson’s comments, Mark Crutcher astutely asked: what happened to choice?  Indeed, if abortion is about choice, then the abortion industry shouldn’t insist that Pro-Life Americans pay for elective abortion on-demand, and abortion pushers should give equal platform to the women whose stories reflect different positions than their own.  But we know that abortion has never really been about choice at all.

Speaking of choice, in previous weeks we discussed California’s crusade to silence Pro-Life pregnancy resource centers and journalists.  Now another state is after the conscience rights of physicians.  The governor of Illinois recently signed a hotly contended and narrowly successful bill forcing pregnancy resource centers and medical professionals to promote abortion even if they are conscientiously opposed to the inhuman act.  The Washington Times reports that, “SB 1564 amends the state’s Health Care Right of Conscience Act so as to compel pro-life doctors and clinics to refer patients to health care providers who will perform abortions.  The legislation narrowly passed in the state House on strictly partisan lines, but Gov. Bruce Rauner broke ranks when he signed the bill into law Friday.”

Republican Governor Rauner eschewed the Pro-Life Republican platform in favor of the radically anti-Life Democrat position on abortion.  The bill represents a manifold betrayal – of women, of conscientious objectors, and of the preborn.  And the Coats-Snowe amendment federally protects the type of conscientious objection thwarted by Illinois’ new law.  Similar statutes have not been upheld in other states, but that hasn’t stopped the Illinois abortion lobby from attempting to bully every facet of public life.

Likewise, abortion industry pawns in Congress are holding the legislature hostage with an ultimatum that abortion promoters will not agree to fund Zika virus research unless Planned Parenthood can pocket some of the funding.  Planned Parenthood claims that refusal to fund their despicable business will somehow rob women of “care options” – which is laughable.  In fact, tens of millions of dollars were earmarked for comprehensive care options that do not peddle child-killing as a primary source of profit.  These community health centers are life-affirming alternatives, and Texas already blazed the trail of abortion-free women’s health funding for the rest of the nation to follow when, in 2011, the state booted Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry from the taxpayer-funded Women’s Health Program.  Today, Texas women receive comprehensive healthcare from a host of clean facilities aimed at improving Life.

Finally, in the ultimate example of abortion industry bullying, a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has been identified as the guilty party in the July death of Cree Erwin, a 23-year-old mother who was found dead in bed after undergoing an abortion at Planned Parenthood.  Operation Rescue reports Cree’s mother’s harrowing ordeal of discovering her daughter’s lifeless body:

The Battle Creek Fire Department dispatch narrative read, “According to the female caller, the patient had an abortion a couple of days ago and has been sleeping all day.”  The dispatcher tried to get Tanya to roll Cree over on her back and begin chest compressions, but Tanya could not push Cree onto her back.  She began wailing, “She’s too heavy!… I’m trying!  I’m trying!  I need help!”  The dispatcher continued to ask Tanya to push her daughter over and begin chest compressions, but the wailing mother could only sob, “She’s cold as ice.”  With that, the dispatcher assured the grieving mother that help was on the way.  Within moments, paramedics and police arrived.  According to the police report, it only took the medics about 15 seconds to determine that Cree Erwin was deceased.

Big Abortion’s modus operandi is to bully and kill.  The abortion industry is ugly and strews grief and destruction.  But we are bigger than the Big Abortion Bully, and we will not rest until the hold of death on America has been loosed.