Congressional panel investigating baby body parts scandal releases eye-opening update


The Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives is a Congressional subcommittee that has been commissioned with the task of investigating the abortion industry’s involvement in baby body parts harvesting as documented by citizen journalists of the Center for Medical Progress.  The Panel must conclude their investigation by the end of the year, and has issued a thorough Interim Update providing taxpayers and the public with a panoramic snapshot of what the Panel has accomplished thus far.  According to a press release:

The Interim Update details evidence uncovered through the Panel’s investigation that provides a deeply disturbing view of Big Abortion today where clinics are willing to sell baby body parts to make more money.  It shows the abortion industry has become hardened and callous with a focus on profit instead of patient welfare.  This illicit profit motive has led to regulatory shortcuts that have harmed women and children and accelerated the desire of these abortion clinics and middlemen to make more money in any way possible.

In the press release, Panel Chairman Marsha Blackburn, the stalwart Pro-Life Tennessee representative, said that members of the subcommittee, “have uncovered evidence that some abortion providers have altered abortion procedures in a manner that substitutes what is best for the patient with a financial benefit for both the abortion clinic and the procurement organization.”  Blackburn cited the profit motive driving these exchanges, saying that the nation’s exemplary history of voluntary organ donation is undermined by the baby body parts scandal.

As a former cardiothoracic surgeon, Indiana Representative Larry Buschson provided a unique perspective on the situation.  “I performed a specific type of surgery, patent ductus ligation, on patients as young as 22 weeks gestational age and the smallest only weighed 650 grams,” he said.  “The babies I operated on went on to live happy and healthy lives…Yet, we’ve found that the Big Abortion business treats babies as a means to improve the bottom line.”

The Interim Update draws attention to a timely discovery to which CMP journalist David Daleiden drew attention at a Houston event celebrating his legal victory over corrupt Harris County D.A. Devon Anderson last month.  According to the report, Baylor College of Medicine was engaged in a relationship with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast aimed at obtaining human fetal tissue for research purposes.  The report states:

Researchers at Baylor believed they had a contract with PPGC for human fetal tissue.  After the videos linking Planned Parenthood to the human fetal tissue industry were released, the Baylor researcher emailed the PPGC official with whom the researcher had been dealing, “In light of recent events, do we need to make changes to our contract?”  The PPGC official responded by denying they had a contract, and stated that PPGC “will not commit” to providing human fetal tissue “at this time.”  The PPGC official went on to state that Texas academic institutions “cannot remain publicly silent” about their need for human fetal tissue, yet expect that “research collaboration with Planned Parenthood will remain intact.”

This account only adds to the arsenal of damning evidence against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and the abortion conglomerate at large.

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