Pro-Life Texans Gather to Lobby for Life!

Seeing constituents supporting a bill at the Capitol is the most impressive and moving testimony an elected official can witness. That is why Texas Right to Life held three Pro-Life lobby days this spring. Texas legislators learned just how Pro-Life Texas really is!

Pro-Lifers from across Texas, even some from as far as the Rio Grande Valley, gathered in Austin to learn from the Texas Right to Life legislative team and to lobby their elected officials for Life.

Although Austin may have a reputation for being liberal, Texans still expect their representatives and senators at the state Capitol to defend Life.

Life is under attack across Texas. The Legislature’s immediate action is needed to pass life-saving bills protecting preborn babies and vulnerable patients.

Pro-Life Texans know immediate action is needed and this was their exact message to Texas lawmakers at Texas Right to Life’s three public lobby days.

Pro-Lifers participating in the lobby days learned from legislative experts with experience advocating for Life in the state Capitol. They were then able to put those new lobbying skills to use by actually speaking with their elected officials!

Pro-Lifers practicing their lobbying skills before heading to the state Capitol.

For some, the lobby day was their first time in the Capitol and the Texas Right to Life legislative team guided them through the whole process, even providing fun facts along the way. Did you know that the Texas Capitol dome is taller than the national Capitol dome in D.C.? Everything IS bigger in Texas!

Participants in the lobby days, many of whom were students and young adults, were optimistic and excited to be a part of the strategy to abolish abortions in Texas. 

One group of college students from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) met with their state representative’s office and explained the Texas Abolition Strategy, expressing their concern and expectation for their representative to support and defend the constitutional Right to Life. 

Pro-Life students from the University of Texas at San Antonio lobby their representative to pass life-saving bills.

Students from Texas A&M University also met with their representatives. Representatives Steve Toth and Todd Hunter, Republicans from The Woodlands and Corpus Christi, respectively, even stopped by to visit with the group and express how much they love hearing from Texans.

Texas Representative Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi) converses with Pro-Life Texans at the Texas Right to Life Lobby Day

The participants learned how much their voice actually matters. When Texans speak up for the preborn, they truly make a difference. 

Days later, the Texas Senate took historic Pro-Life action by passing seven Pro-Life bills.

One of the Pro-Life bills passed by the Texas Senate is the Texas Abolition Strategy (TAS) (SB 1647) and later passed by the House Committee on Public Health (HB 3760). If signed into law, the TAS will abolish all elective abortions in Texas within the next four years. This is the boldest Pro-Life legislation ever passed by the Texas Senate and by a House committee. 

Also passed from the Texas Senate and later the House Public Health Committee were the Heartbeat Act (SB 8/HB 1515) and the Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (SB 1173/HB 3218)

Without Pro-Lifers, preborn Texans have no voice. 

Pro-Life Texans attending Texas Right to Life’s lobby days learned how to more effectively use their voices to advocate for innocent preborn children. 

The Pro-Life Priority Bills must be passed out of the Texas House Committee on Calendars and then brought to a vote for passage on the Texas House floor. 

Citizen activism leads to historic Pro-Life action. 

Your voice is important, contact your representatives today and tell them to pass the Pro-Life Priorities. 



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