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  1. Quit being a Liberal and support the miracle of life… Everyone, including baboon utero have the right to LIfE, LIBeRTY and the pursuit of Happiness!!!

  2. Dear congressman, I plead you to stay strong and be of good courage in your duties and position you have been elected to for pro life, freedom of religion and speech and uphold what the founding fathers worked so hard to give America, plus the blood that has been shed in building this great nation. I am praying for you. May God bless you, your family and all Texans.

  3. olinda lindsey on

    The unborn child has the right to be born. If the woman puts herself in a situation in which she becomes pregnant then she is responsible for giving that child all medical care necessary for a healthy birth. She does not have the right to be judge jury and executioner of an innocent. I do mot support planned parenthood and their selling of baby body parts and firmly believe they should NEVER receive tax dollars

  4. When the seed is planted, God takes over from this point,it is a living being.
    God chose the process of man and woman, and it didn’t consist of killing the babies.
    Man has made this evil and disturbing event.

  5. People go to prison for abusing an animal. Since when are animals above and before a human life? Thou shalt not Kill… It’s really sad to see human babies killed and people act like it’s nothing.people need to not play if they don’t want an innocent lifeto be in their life. SAD SAD SAD!!!

  6. Please help those that cannot help themselves. Isn’t helping others, especially those that are innocent and can’t help themselves the most honorable thing a person can do? Stand up and vote in favor of those. It may be the best thing you will ever do.

  7. There is no excuse for a baby being aborted! There are too many means of birth control out there. There are Planned Parenthood clinics to help with the cost of birth control. NO excuse for the killing of an unborn child in this day and age. It needs to stop and stop NOW

  8. This is very near and dear to my heart. Please pass this bill to save all the unborn babies.

  9. Dear Sir,
    as one of your constituents and a law abiding, conscientious voter, I would like to express my abhorrence to the abomination of abortion. I am one of a silent majority of people who believe it is time to stand up for the most helpless and vulnerable in our society, the pre-born babies. These children have all the God given rights as well as the children that are born. They have the Constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As our duly-elected representative, you have been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting ALL of your constituents.

  10. Susan M Wilson on

    Please stop the holocaust that is abortion and bring us back to LIFE liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Pre born children should be given the opportunity to grow up and live their lives

  11. Please support LIFE for every child !
    Children are a gift from God. Help us save these precious children by supporting their right to life as God gave each precious children.

  12. Save and protect the unborn, their are enough families willing to adopt if a Mother is unable to care for her CHILD, please consider the option of adoption and bless a Family that may not otherwise be able to become parents, as we are on our journey to adoption I see so many waiting to adopt a newborn baby. Just asking to consider the lives they are and can be.

  13. Dear Jim,

    I have been in the fight for life of pre-born children for over 40 years, in Ohio and nationally. You, I and most pro-lifers know that 50-60% of women presenting for abortion or pregnancy support claim they were using contraception when they got pregnant.

    We all also know that hormonal “contraception” isn’t contraception but causes abortion by thinning the endometrium and depriving the embryo of nutrition. Thus, It is obvious that contraceptive use is the most common cause for abortion because of contraceptive failure and the abortifacient mechanism of the many hormone based LARCs

    Common sense dictates that we will only make progress toward stopping child-in-the-womb killing in proportion to our willingness to refrain from use of all contraception.

    The other obvious reason to avoid contraception (contra-conception, ie, against the beginning of life) is its anti-life purpose! To be using contraception and claiming to be pro-life is a contradiction. Contraception users are intent on using the “procreation act” in a way that prevents procreation. That is so illogical, that I can’t think of any comparable analogy! Can you?

    Jim, Texas has a long history of strong pro-life leadership. Please take this essential step for the “Pro-Life Movement”–encourage the pro-life community to accept children as the supreme gift from God that every child actually is. A new-born baby is virtually always seen as a source of joy by parents, siblings and grandparents. Children grow and become the focus of life for their parents and families.

    I’m reminded of an article in Couple to Couple League’s periodic magazine featuring a very intelligent and successful couple who had been carefully preventing conception for a long time using NFP. They were super confident in their ability to determine the fertile phase and avoid the procreation act during that time. BUT, the wife realized one morning that her period had not arrived on schedule; she was NEVER late!. She checked their chart and could not imagine being pregnant . She headed for the pharmacy. When the test showed positive, she immediately returned to the pharmacy for several test kits, all of which confirmed her worst fear–as did a doctor’s office visit and blood test a couple days later.

    Fast forward12 months. New Mom says this, ” We can’t imagine life without our daughter!”

    How did it happen? Her Chiropractor had the answer, “I forgot to tell you that the procedure we did a year ago might affect your fertility cycle.”

    God intervened! he replaced their zero-responsibility moments of delight with a life-time of joy and excitement on this Earth and an Eternity of companionship with their daughter.

    Jim, can Texas lead our Nation back to life by encouraging new life with trust in the all-knowing, all-provident, and all-loving almighty God?


  14. How many preborn children should die due to abortive means? NONE ! Please help them get a chance at life ! Show the mothers who they are via ultrasound , so they can see their baby.

  15. Abortion should never be an option for birth control. Please protect life by passing pro-life laws in Texas and end abortion now!