Texas Senate Passes TWO Pro-Life Priority Bills

In a historic move to defend Life, the Texas Senate has passed two critical Pro-Life Priority bills.  

The Texas Senate has taken bold action by passing the following Pro-Life bills:

  • The Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA) (SB 1173 by Senator Kelly Hancock) with 19 voting for and 12 against, and
  • The Texas Heartbeat Act (SB 8 by Senator Bryan Hughes) with 19 voting for and 12 against.

These two bills are Pro-Life Priorities since they both stop abortion, draw attention to the humanity of the preborn child, and undermine the flawed foundation of Roe v. Wade.

The next step for these Pro-Life Priorities is for each bill to receive one final vote in the Senate in order to sent to the Texas House of Representatives. Texans must urge their state representatives to quickly pass these Pro-Life priorities in order to send them to the governor’s desk and save Texan lives.  

Texas Right to Life applauds Senators Hughes, and Hancock for authoring and introducing these Life-saving bills. Texas Right to Life also applauds all 19 Texas senators who voted in favor of these Pro-Life Priorities, resulting in this historic action by the Texas Senate. Today is a monumental day for Life.