Anti-Life insanity: Abortion activist tops Christmas tree with instruments of death

The disturbing love of death inherent in abortion activism is made clear each year in a special way at Christmastime. During the season dedicated to celebrating the birth of Jesus, abortion activists perversely “celebrate” the killing of the preborn. Last year, one anti-Life group in Texas distributed candles with the sick message, “Abortions are magical.” This year, abortion activists displayed a new level of grotesque obsession with the violent destruction of innocent human Life.

On Twitter, Michael Saenz, who works in the abortion industry, posted a picture of a Christmas tree glorifying abortion. Saenz’s tweets and Twitter account have since been deleted, but the abortion cheerleader, who works for Care Repro, posted earlier this month about the diabolical Christmas tree. With the photo, Saenz wrote, “IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TOP OUR TOPPER. #ProAbortion #Abortions #Christmas.” The picture shows a white tree topped with two Sopher clamps.

The Sopher clamps, as abortionists have graphically described, are used in dismemberment abortions to tear the limbs from a living child in the womb with a still-beating heart. The exceptional inhumane and barbaric way that dismemberment abortions violently kill the child in the womb prompted the Texas Legislature to outlaw the method of abortion. The two clamps splayed atop the tree form a grotesque star-like tree-topper glorifying violent death.

A former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, described what happens in a dismemberment abortion using Sopher clamps. He said while holding up the clamp, 

This is a grasping instrument. When it gets ahold of something it does not let go. The abortionist uses this clamp to grasp an arm or a leg. Once he has a firm grip, the abortionist pulls hard in order to tear the limb from the baby’s body. One by one, the rest of the limbs are removed, along with the intestines, the spine, and the heart and lungs.

This horrific destruction of innocent human life is what is “celebrated” with the abortion tree.

Saenz’s fanaticism fits with the group that employs him. The abortion group for which Saenz works, Care Repro, was founded by Leroy Carhart, the notorious late-term abortionist. The specialty of Care Repro is abortion up to 40 weeks, in other words, abortion up to birth.

Carhart, one of the most notorious abortionists now alive, has spoken bluntly about the violence he commits, telling an audience “there isn’t an abortion done that doesn’t remove part of the fetus before it dies and the rest of it afterwards.” Elsewhere, Carhart was caught on tape referring to a child in the womb as akin to “meat in a Crock-Pot” when describing his methods for killing a highly developed child late in pregnancy. 

In order to profit from killing babies late in advanced stages of gestation, Carhart set up a circuit to travel, committing violent and dangerous late-term abortions in Nebraska and Maryland. Despite causing the death of a 29-year-old patient in addition to the babies he killed through abortion, Carhart continued committing abortions with impunity. Pro-Life laws and years of Pro-Life advocacy have stopped much of Carhart’s late-term abortions, but through organizations like Care Repro he continues pushing for the killing of the preborn at every stage of development. 

Carhart’s is not the only abortion group with whom Saenz is associated.  According to Live Action News, “Saenz is also connected to We are Pro-Abortion, Inc, which sells pro-abortion merchandise including items that say ‘I’m cool with Abortions,’ and ‘Abortions are magical.’”  

As Texas Right to Life rightly stated last Christmas, abortions are not magical; abortions violently end the innocent lives of preborn babies. As we’ve seen again this year, celebrating the birth of the Savior inspires the anti-Life crowd to glorify the killing of the most vulnerable. The battlelines on the Life issues could not be more clear.



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