Why should Texas ban dismemberment abortion?

Did you know that every year, thousands of preborn children in Texas are victims of an inhumane practice called dismemberment abortion?  The abortion method, called D&E, or “dilatation and evacuation” by abortionists, involves dilating a woman’s cervix, vacuuming the amniotic fluid that surrounds the child, and then introducing an instrument which is used to grasp and pull the child out piece-by-piece.  The child is alive during this torturous process and dies of bleeding out during the dismemberment.  Both Kansas and Oklahoma have banned this barbaric practice, and protecting tiny Texans from dismemberment abortions is Texas Right to Life’s primary legislative priority for the 85thSession of the Texas Legislature in 2017.

Recently, two abortionists spoke publicly about late-term abortion – the category under which dismemberment falls.  LeRoy Carhart commits dismemberment abortions daily, while Anthony Levatino abandoned the practice after becoming Pro-Life.  Carhart told an audience at Johns Hopkins University that, “there isn’t an abortion done that doesn’t remove part of the fetus before it dies and the rest of it afterwards.”

Levatino, in a new project released by Pro-Life organization Live Action, explained in detail how a dismemberment abortion is committed, below.  [Note: while the language of this video describes gruesome realities, the visuals are animated and less graphic than most depictions of the procedure.]

Likewise, another abortionist described dismemberment abortions as “an act of destruction,” saying that the “sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current.”  Individual states must stand up for the lives of their most vulnerable preborn members like Oklahoma and Kansas have done, and six other states are poised to do very soon.  We cannot rely on Washington to extend constitutional protections to the most innocent Americans; stand with Texas Right to Life as we fight to defend our preborn Texans in 2017.