Texas abortion group claims “Abortions are magical”

Anti-Life radicals at the abortion group Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund are handing out candles with the perverse message: “Abortions are magical.”  In a Facebook post earlier this month, the group described the candles featuring the abortion message and a picture of a unicorn as “a token of appreciation” for the group’s volunteers, and said the candles would to be handed out at a holiday party.

A look at TEA’s mission quickly removes any confusion as to the extreme and radical messaging chosen for “holiday party favors.”  TEA is one of several abortion groups in Texas that raises money for mothers seeking elective abortion.  The nonprofit will pay money toward abortion costs, averaging around $300.  Similar groups will also pay for travel expenses, including for mothers traveling out-of-state for elective late-term abortion.

On the group’s website, TEA brags, “We have helped girls as young as 11 and women as old as 44.”  There is no indication that the group does anything beyond fundraise for elective abortion, so there is no assurance that the group did anything to actually help the 11-year-old victims who were further victimized by abortion.  A pregnant child does not simply need money to kill her preborn child; she needs access to counseling and law enforcement, and she needs protection from the criminal who put her in this position.

But for abortion radicals, “magical” abortion is the only priority.  The group does not support women who choose Life by providing information about the many resources available to them.  According to their website, TEA does not even discuss with women contacting them that they have the option to choose Life.

The candles with the ugly, anti-Life message received criticism from many Pro-Life groups online, with many responding the absurd mischaracterization of abortion.  What is surprising is the number of positive comments the candles received. On the original Facebook post, many people commented in support of the candles, with several people calling them “cute.”  While Pro-Lifers rightly pointed out that abortion is not “magical” but the ending of a human Life, many abortion activists paradoxically said abortion was not only “magical” but also “life-saving.”

For example, one woman wrote, “Abortions ARE magic, saving and enriching people’s lives every day!”  Only in the twisted world of death-for-hire that is the abortion industry can ending an innocent human Life be seen as a means of “saving and enriching people’s lives.” 

Far from shying away from criticism, TEA was emboldened, and wrote a follow-up post trying to justify their use of language.  The group wrote, “Abortions are magical for most people who have them and refuting that just increases stigma around abortion.  They are health care, self-care, and community care.”

Pointing out the fact that abortion violently ends the life of a child in the womb is not about increasing “stigma around abortion.”  People deserve to know what abortion is and what happens to a baby in an abortion before being financially coerced into choosing the life-ending procedure.

The extreme stance of TEA is unfortunately not rare for anti-Life groups in Texas.  Earlier this year, a similar “abortion fund” hosted an event at which, among other crimes, mothers were encouraged to bring abortion pills across the border from Mexico and minor girls were taught how to undergo a dangerous “DIY” without their parents or law enforcement finding out.

The benefit of the absurd extremes anti-Life groups have gone to in recent years is that all doubt is removed: this is a battle of Life and death, good and evil.  The debate is not about “self-care” or “healthcare,” or whichever buzzwords the anti-Life side may try to hide behind. Abortion activists want death-on-demand, and they want you the taxpayer to foot the bill.  Abortion has decimated generations in our country, and the carnage will not stop because radicals like these will not stop.  Pro-Life citizens must have the courage to refute the lies of the abortion industry. Abortion is not “magical” because killing a human being is not magical, covering up the abuse of young girls is not magical, and death for profit is not magical.  Speak the truth.