Texas Freedom Caucus Prioritizes Pro-Life Issues

The Texas House Freedom Caucus released its top ten legislative priorities for the Regular Session of the 88th Legislature, demonstrating the Caucus’ continued dedication to the cause of protecting innocent human Life at all stages.

The Freedom Caucus is composed of twelve Texas House members dedicated to “amplify the voice of liberty-minded, grassroots Texans who want bold action to protect life, strengthen families, defend the U.S. and Texas Bills of Rights, restrain government, and revitalize personal and economic freedoms in the State of Texas.” This group includes veteran and newly-elected legislators. 

One of the group’s priorities is “Defend the Sanctity of Life”. This broad priority includes several specific policies that the Caucus intends to address:

  • Abolish the distribution of abortion pills in Texas 
  • Stop those aiding and abetting out-of-state abortions by enforcing Texas law
  • Reform the 10-Day-Rule to ensure end of life protections
  • Lower costs of adoptions  

These priorities highlight that the Caucus has its finger squarely on the pulse of the Pro-Life movement. Now that Roe v. Wade is overturned and elective abortion is prohibited in Texas, there is still much work to do. The policy areas specified by the Freedom Caucus directly address the categories of Pro-Life issues we now face. 

Already we see the abortion mailing illegal abortion pills into our state or trafficking them across the border. As anti-Life activists find creative ways to reintroduce abortion into our state, we in turn must find innovative solutions to enforce our laws and protect Life.

As we enforce our laws to protect the preborn in Texas, we still have work to do to protect moms and babies in our state. Texas must continue working to eliminate burdens that drive women to seek illegal abortions within the state or pressure them into leaving the state to seek an abortion elsewhere.  Lowering the cost of adoption would open opportunities for families that can provide loving, safe homes but cannot afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars to accomplish the adoption process. 

Finally, we need to address other threats to innocent human Life beyond abortion. This includes protecting vulnerable patients in Texas hospitals by reforming the anti-Life 10-Day Rule, which allows a patient’s Life-sustaining treatment to be removed against the patient or surrogate’s medical decision and with only ten days’ notice. 

Each of these policies directly corresponds to Texas Right to Life’s Pro-Life Priorities for the Legislature. Members and friends of the Freedom Caucus will be carrying the bills to implement these critical changes. Texas Right to Life thanks the Texas Freedom Caucus for their constant dedication to protecting innocent human Life, and we look forward to working with the Caucus members and the rest of the Texas House to pass strong Pro-Life bills this session. 

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