What Comes After Roe v. Wade?

This is the moment we worked decades for. The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade! YOU made HISTORY!

Now, each state will decide their own abortion laws without being suffocated by federal courts.

Abortion immediately became illegal in Texas after the Supreme Court reversed Roe. Our laws on the books before Roe came back into effect. Around two months after the decision, our state’s “trigger law” will add increased penalties for abortionists who break the law.

Thank you for bringing us this far. Are you committed to the next chapter of saving lives?

What comes after Roe v. Wade?

  1. Hold abortionists accountable if they break the law

Even in the reddest of the red states like Texas, there will be abortionists in blue cities, like Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

Abortion is illegal in Texas, but lawless Democrat district attorneys pledged they won’t prosecute abortionists if they break the law. Don’t let liberal local politicians give abortionists a free pass to continue killing preborn children!

You can ensure that Texas is truly abortion-free and our laws are being followed. In the next step, we will pass a new law authorizing private citizens to sue abortionists, similar to the Texas Heartbeat Act.

Abortionists stopped in their tracks in 2021 when Texas authorized private citizens to sue them if they kill a preborn child with a beating heart. If a citizen has credible evidence that the law was violated, she can sue the abortionist for at least $10,000. The abortion industry was so scared of this policy, they stopped committing abortions after six weeks altogether.

The Pro-Life movement will need this tool to work around prosecutors who are bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood.

  1. Support pregnant women

You can make Texas abortion-free and Pro-Life by expanding life-affirming resources for pregnant women through the Alternatives to Abortion program.

The Texas Legislature allocates millions of dollars to help women in difficult of unexpected pregnancies. Through this program, qualified pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and maternity homes are reimbursed for their services to pregnant women, fathers, and babies until the child is three years old!

In 2021, there were 173 providers in this program in nearly every county in Texas. Since its inception, the Alternatives to Abortion program has served 422,198 people.

There will be a surge in pregnant women who need help now that Roe is overturned. Expanding the Alternatives to Abortion program is the best way to ensure that these centers can grow and meet the needs of the community.

Additionally, we must pass laws that incentivize our colleges to remove barriers for pregnant students and ensure they don’t have to give up on their educational goals. We can ensure women have medical coverage up to one year after giving birth, and we should double-down on our efforts to reform the adoption and foster care systems so that every child has a safe and loving home.

  1. Protect hospital patients

Lastly, there is a completely different area where Texans’ God-given rights are being ignored or grossly violated. We need to end the deadly 10-Day Rule in Texas. Through this policy, hospital ethics committees make life-and-death decisions even if the patient disagrees. Families are forced to race against the clock to find a transfer facility for their loved one when the hospital wants to remove treatment. If they fail to find a transfer facility in 10 days, then the hospital can legally remove all life-sustaining treatment. This tool allows hospitals to use their anti-life ethics to end the life of Texans.

If we eliminate the countdown, patients and hospitals will work together to find a new facility or more appropriate care setting.

As you can see, there is still much work to do.

We will win in the next chapter thanks to your prayers and support.

Thank you for building a Pro-Life Texas!

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