Retired NFL star speaks out against abortion, condemns the abortion of 20 million black babies

Retired National Football League (NFL) star Jack Brewer incited condemnation from pro-abortion Democrats for praising Pro-Life President Donald Trump.  The insults launched at Brewer include being called an “Uncle Tom” and implying that Brewer is not working in the best interest of Black communities.  In follow-up interviews, Brewer has iterated his Pro-Life position and spoken out strongly against the damage abortion has inflicted on Black communities in the United States.

Brewer, who is a native of Texas, played safety for the Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Arizona Cardinals.  After a successful NFL career, Brewer entered the financial services industry and used his ongoing success to launch the Jack Brewer Foundation, which helps impoverished communities around the world. 

Brewer, who campaigned for anti-Life President Barack Obama, later realized his profound disagreement with the president’s anti-Life policies, especially after seeing how those policies negatively affected African American communities.  Since then, Brewer had what he describes as an “awakening,” and he is now an outspoken supporter of Pro-Life President Donald Trump.

Responding to the attacks he and his family have received for his support for the Pro-Life president, Brewer said in a recent interview, “I take the high road.  I’m a man of God.” He continued, “I know that in this nation there have been over 20 million black babies aborted” and that we’ve “completely changed and went against the Bible…” Speaking to the host, Laura Ingraham, he said, “I stand against that, Laura, adamantly.  As a believer of Jesus Christ, I walk by faith and not by sight.” 

Other Pro-Life advocates have drawn attention to the shocking and disproportionate abortion rate among African Americans.  In fact, in New York City a preborn Black baby is more likely to be aborted than born alive.  The founder of America’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, spoke and wrote about targeting minority groups with abortion, and to this day Planned Parenthood abortion mills are disproportionately located in low-income, minority neighborhoods.  Despite being the first African American president, Barack Obama worked to enlarge and enrich his cronies at Planned Parenthood instead of working for the best interest of Black communities whose overwhelming support and turnout contributed to his election.

As other commentators have pointed out, no one can say that Brewer, on the other hand, is not contributing substantially to the lives of many Black families around the world.  One writer noted, “Programs that Brewer established and funds with his personal resources feed over 15,000 poor black children every day.  He also has been instrumental in establishing hospitals in America and around the world.”

Brewer’s Pro-Life advocacy puts him in the company of other celebrity NFL stars like Tim Tebow and Benjamin Watson who have condemned abortion and worked to advance Pro-Life initiative.  Like Brewer, their celebrity status puts them in a unique position to speak on behalf of the preborn and raise awareness and funds for the Pro-Life movement.  Tebow and other NFL players have shared how their own lives were almost lost when their mothers were pressured to undergo abortion.  

The work of celebrities like Brewer to unmask the abortion industry and the anti-Life Democrats is crucial in combatting the massive amounts of money anti-Life groups are pouring into the 2020 election.  We have seen in Texas that when voters know how extreme anti-Life politicians are on abortion, they often reject them.  



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