Celebrities speak out against Planned Parenthood´s horrific sale of fetal body parts

More and more celebrities are becoming outspoken about their Pro-Life views, and many encouraging examples of athletes and Hollywood darlings are taking to social media to defend LIFE in the wake of the Center for Medical Progress’ videos capturing Planned Parenthood assenting to the sale of aborted children.  The following are a few outstanding examples of celebrities who are using their fame for good:

New Orleans Saints tight end Ben Watson was quoted by Breitbart on July 30, the day of the fourth CMP video release, saying:

As horrific as it is, the issue isn’t really the sale of human parts.  It’s the legal practice that allows this to even be a possibility.  Killing children and simply discarding the leftovers is not any more acceptable than profiting off of them. #‎PlannedParenthood

Watson cut through media rhetoric on the issue and insightfully articulated the fundamental problem: that Planned Parenthood is allowed to dismember our preborn children in the first place.

Longtime Pro-Life advocate Patricia Heaton, of Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle fame, has been a prolific tweeter on the Planned Parenthood scandal, as she was during the Kermit Gosnell saga in 2013.  In addition to many Pro-Life retweets, Heaton has contributed many of her own personal insights to the conversation via social media:






Another veteran Pro-Life actor, Kevin Sorbo, lent his voice to the discussion on social media, asking how the haggling of body parts for the possibility of purchasing a Lamborghini is “not disgusting to the vast majority out there that value human life.”  On Facebook, Sorbo encouraged his followers to “Make DC Listen” to the American public’s desire to defund Planned Parenthood, saying:

On Monday, the U.S. Senate will vote on a bill to defund Planned Parenthood and to stop our government's practice of forcing taxpayers to fund the group's abortions and barbaric sale of baby organs.

Unfortunately, this bill won't be signed into law.  Even if enough Democrats support it to overcome a filibuster, President Obama will veto it.

That is why the new Republican Congress must refuse to fund Planned Parenthood this year, even if the president and the Democrats choose to defeat the bill and cause a temporary government shutdown.

This is the only way to win this fight.

It's not enough for them to hold an unsuccessful drive-by “show” vote, throw up their hands, and then proceed to fund Planned Parenthood.  Republicans must refuse to fund it at all costs and take this issue to the American people.

Americans should not be forced to pay a single penny of tax dollars for these evil practices!!


Andrew Klavan, prolific author, conservative commentator, and screenwriter for the upcoming Gosnell Movie, has kept followers apprised of the Planned Parenthood saga with play-by-plays via Twitter.  Like Patricia Heaton, Klavan refuses to mince words when decrying the irony of media priorities:





Have any of your favorite celebrities acknowledged the Planned Parenthood scandal?  Tell us in the comments below.