In new video, Planned Parenthood whistleblower reveals sadism of abortion workers

Today the Center for Medical Progress released Episode 3 of the Human Capital series – the seventh video in the group’s string of exposés on the fetal body parts trafficking business within the abortion industry.  Earlier this month we learned that fetal body parts are not the only human commodities inside of Planned Parenthood.  In some cases, intact bodies of preborn children are delivered whole.  Alive.  With hearts beating.  And then, they are pried open and ravaged for parts, or sent straight to a researcher’s lab intact.

The case of a live, five-month-old child being delivered and “harvested” at Planned Parenthood is the harrowing story shared by whistleblower Holly O’Donnell in today’s footage.  Please watch the video below.  Note: Some viewers may find the content disturbing.

O’Donnell recalls the ghoulish fascination of Jessica, her procurement trainer, with the dying child (her trainer was also an employee of StemExpress working within Planned Parenthood).  On a “busy day” of abortions at Planned Parenthood, O’Donnell witnessed an abortionist emerge from a procedure room exasperated.  The patient was distressed and uncooperative.  When the staff finally committed the woman’s abortion and the baby’s remains were brought to the lab, Jessica told O’Donnell to come watch as she poked the baby’s heart with an instrument.  They watched as the baby’s heart started beating.  Then Jessica told O’Donnell that they would be procuring the baby’s intact brain.  This, Jessica explained, would involve cutting open the baby’s face and extracting his brain.  And that is what they did.

O’Donnell was deeply disturbed and tormented by the experience and her involvement in the baby’s demise.  Later, she held the baby in her hands and cried, wondering whether he would have been a lawyer, a firefighter, or the next president.  “It’s just really hard,” she said, “knowing you’re the only person who’s ever going to hold that baby.”  The heartbreaking moment convinced O’Donnell that she had to leave her position with StemExpress at Planned Parenthood.  “Life isn’t a mistake,” she said.  “Getting pregnant can be an accident, but it’s not a mistake.”