Great news: Three San Antonio clinics stopped committing abortions altogether after Texas Heartbeat Act takes effect

Pro-Lifers in San Antonio have reason to celebrate after three of the city’s four abortion facilities shut down earlier this month. The San Antonio Current reports that two abortion facilities and one surgical center owned by Planned Parenthood shut down September 1, the day the Texas Heartbeat Act went into effect.

The abortion business claims they “paused” abortions at the three locations in hopes of not becoming a target of a civil lawsuit for violating the Pro-Life law. The Texas Heartbeat Act protects babies in the womb from the time they have a detectable heartbeat, around six weeks’ gestation, and empowers private citizens to file a civil lawsuit against an abortionist suspected of violating the law. 

“My hope is that the threat of civil lawsuits will somehow become neutralized by the courts, and then we can get about the business of providing whatever care is legally permissible,” Planned Parenthood of South Texas CEO Jeffrey Hons told the Texas Tribune.

As the abortion industry so often does, Planned Parenthood affiliates in San Antonio are playing the part of the victim, claiming that the enforcement mechanism of the Texas Heartbeat Act prevents them from caring for women. Abortion businesses do not care for women; they end the lives of preborn babies.  Rather than offering mothers real solutions, the abortion industry violently ends the lives of innocent children.

Part of the reason Planned Parenthood has presented their shutdown as a pause is no doubt that the abortion chain is holding out hope of thwarting the Texas law. Abortion radicals in the Biden administration have announced a lawsuit attempting to halt the life-saving Texas Heartbeat Act.  Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses in Texas hope to be bailed out by their abortion cronies in the White House.

The reality is that Biden has no authority to overrule the law of the land in Texas. Pro-Lifers in the Lone Star State have worked tirelessly to bring the Texas Heartbeat Act into effect, and they have strategized with a bold enforcement mechanism that prevents the abortion industry from blocking the life-saving measure.

In San Antonio as in other parts of Texas there is still one abortion facility open. Several abortion facilities across the state are seeking to continue abortions before there is a detectable heartbeat. The abortion industry is so fearful of the scrutiny brought by the Texas Heartbeat Act that several abortion groups sued to stop Texas Right to Life from filing civil lawsuits to enforce the Texas Heartbeat Act. However, every private citizen is legally authorized to file a lawsuit under the law. Blocking Texas Right to Life does not insulate the abortion industry from the life-saving law, estimated to save at least 100 lives every day.

The closure of multiple Planned Parenthood abortion facilities in San Antonio is a particular cause for celebration. Pro-Lifers in San Antonio have been fighting Planned Parenthood for the past six years. An illegally operating abortion facility opened in the city and continued to operate with impunity. Over the objections of city residents—and against the laws of San Antonio—Planned Parenthood constructed a mega abortion mill in a residential neighborhood that became a hub for abortions in South Texas.

The announcement of so many abortion business closures in Texas is welcome news. When advocates supported the Texas Heartbeat Act, they worked to defend the most vulnerable by reducing the number of abortions in our state and offering hope and help to mothers.