Justice Department Seeks to Thwart Texas Heartbeat Act

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that federal authorities will seek to halt enforcement of the Texas Heartbeat Act (Senate Bill 8). The department is expected to file a lawsuit soon against the State of Texas but failed to argue on what grounds they will challenge the law. Their approach is especially flawed since the government of Texas has no authority to enforce the law. Instead, private citizens are responsible for holding abortionists accountable to the policy.

The Texas Heartbeat Act protects children from abortion from the time they have a detectable heartbeat, around six weeks’ gestation. Unlike other states’ heartbeat policies, the Texas Heartbeat Act is enforced by private citizens who can sue abortionists for killing preborn children in violation of the law. The measure has earned the scorn of Biden and other politicians who do the bidding of the abortion industry. The Supreme Court denied an attempt by abortion groups to block the law, and the Texas Heartbeat Act has been in effect since September 1. The Biden administration’s ploy represents a desperate attempt to stop the life-saving law by any means necessary. The DOJ will likely grasp at new creative complaints against the law not addressed in previous lawsuits.

Texas Right to Life Vice President Elizabeth Graham responded:

“Joe Biden has a long record of failures with protecting the unborn and pregnant women. He is a puppet of the radical abortion agenda, and his DOJ will quickly find that they do not have jurisdiction to stop the Texas Heartbeat Act.”

Pro-abortion activists have presented Biden’s efforts as restoring “women’s rights.” On the contrary, the Texas Heartbeat Act advances women’s rights because people have the right to their own bodies from the moment their bodies first exist in the womb. Texans have been calling for stronger Pro-Life measures to protect preborn babies and provide real resources to pregnant mothers. The Texas Heartbeat Act is the next logical step in protecting preborn babies from the violence of abortion and defending the most vulnerable in our society.

Texas Right to Life will not be intimidated by the empty threats of the Biden administration. Additionally, we’ve already started working with other states to pass versions of the Texas Heartbeat Act. The life-saving law rescues an estimated 100 preborn babies a day from death by abortion.