Buttigieg says “we are all lifted up” by abortion

As the Democratic candidates in the presidential primary continue to reveal their radicalism on abortion, nothing should surprise us in how far they will go pandering to the abortion mob.  Democratic-frontrunner Bernie Sanders declared that being anti-Life is “an absolutely essential part of being a Democrat.”  Pete Buttigieg, who has posed as a moderate on Life issues, has consistently endorsed the barbaric practice of abortion up to birth and refused to say that there should be any protections for preborn babies at any stage of development.

After facing backlash following a townhall event at which Buttigieg told a Pro-Life Democrat there was no place for her in the party, he attempted once again to backtrack and dodge questions about his radicalism.  However, recent reports about Buttigieg’s campaign event with America’s biggest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, show just how far Buttigieg’s enthusiasm for the killing of the preborn goes.

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At a “fireside chat” held by Planned Parenthood’s political arm ahead of the Nevada caucus, Buttigieg revealed his anti-Life beliefs even further.  Before Buttigieg spoke, a woman shared her story of undergoing an elective abortion while in college.  When taking the microphone after the woman, Buttigieg thanked her for sharing her story and claimed her account was “a reminder of how we are all lifted up when we honor individual freedom and support.”  Disturbingly, in this context, by “individual freedom,” Buttigieg means the “right” to end the life of a preborn child violently at the hands of an abortionist. 

In endorsing this inhuman view of “freedom,” Buttigieg joins the groups “celebrating” the killing of preborn babies as “empowering” and “something to celebrate.”  Although Buttigieg dares to suggest that we are “all lifted up” by the killing of preborn children, the reverse is true.  Preborn babies are not “potential lives” or “parasites,” as the abortion industry tries to claim.  Preborn babies are daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, and grandchildren.  Everyone in our communities suffers a loss when an innocent human Life is ended.  Much of our culture has become numb to the loss as 61 million human lives have been ended by legal abortion in our nation.  Whether or not we acknowledge the missing people, their loss is felt and is not something to celebrate.

In a question and answer segment of the event, much of which was reproduced on Twitter by reporters, Buttigieg confirmed his commitment to taxpayer-funded elective abortion.  He spoke openly about attempting to reverse many of the Pro-Life gains accomplished by President Trump and his Pro-Life administration.  To Buttigieg, funneling even more tax dollars to the organization that commits more abortions than any other in the United States is a priority.  This makes sense when you consider that the political wing of that same organization, Planned Parenthood, was sponsoring his “fireside chat.”  Moments like this should remind us how much power the abortion industry has over the increasingly anti-Life Democrat Party.

Get the Pro-Life Voter Guide for the Republican Primary Election.

Even though Buttigieg expressed thorough-going enthusiasm for abortion in his chat with Planned Parenthood and the abortion business’s friends, he tacitly acknowledged that such an anti-Life position is not popular.  In talking about the upcoming election, Buttigieg spoke of President Trump, saying, “It will not be easy to defeat this president.  We’re fooling ourselves if we think it will be easy.”  That is what failed presidential candidate and Planned Parenthood darling Hillary Clinton discovered in 2016.  Data show that one of the main concerns of voters on election day in 2016 was where the candidate stood on Life.  Clinton, crony of the abortion industry, was perhaps not even as radical as Buttigieg, and her disregard for the preborn cost her in the election.  The Democrat candidate in 2020 may find the same.  But we have to make sure that Pro-Life voices are fully represented in the polls. 

Buttigieg and all the leading Democrats have made no secret of their disregard for human Life and radical support for abortion.  Will you stand for preborn babies on election day?

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