Hillary’s extreme views on abortion contributed to her defeat

The number one Google search about Hillary Clinton leading up to her defeat yesterday was about abortion.  Google Trends, which monitors top searches related to current events, released the results.

What did people find when they searched about Hillary and abortion?  They might have discovered that she supports abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, she wants to expand taxpayer funded abortion, and she refuses to condemn the gruesome practice of partial-birth abortion.  The Clinton-Kaine ticket was the most anti-Life presidential campaign in the history of our country.

Anti-Life pundits are shocked by Clinton’s loss.  Once again, the abortion crowd underestimated the strength of the Pro-Life majority.  Discovering just how committed Hillary is to denying the rights of the preborn is a powerful reason average Americans would choose not to vote for her.  This is hard for anti-Life activists to understand.  They spent record sums campaigning for Hillary.  She had the unwavering allegiance of abortion giant Planned Parenthood.  What could possibly go wrong?  The truth got out.

Texas Right to Life has seen firsthand the power of giving people the truth about abortion.  In the 2014 gubernatorial race in Texas, Texas Right to Life ran radio ads informing the public of candidate Wendy Davis’s extreme anti-Life views.  Studies demonstrate that these ads were a decisive factor in her defeat and the election of Pro-Life Governor Greg Abbott.

Despite what biased pundits tell you, Americans are still strongly Pro-Life.  State laws continue to advance Pro-Life measures in Texas and across the nation.  With the defeat of anti-Life Hillary Clinton, we can hope that the appointment of the next Supreme Court justice will not go to an abortion activist judge.

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Hillary Clinton learned the same lesson that Texas taught Wendy Davis two years ago: Extreme views on abortion do not win votes; they lose elections.  Americans do not support violence against the preborn in the form of partial-birth abortion and dismemberment abortion.  Americans do not support overturning the Hyde Amendment, which would allow your tax dollars to pay for abortions through Medicaid.  Americans support Life.  Americans support the rights of the preborn.

The information released by Google Trends should give the Pro-Life community an opportunity to analyze how best to spread the Pro-Life message.  Voters are looking at the abortion issue, and increasingly that issue is deciding elections.  Pro-Life candidates now more than ever need to be outspoken and keep their promises to protect the sanctity of human Life in order to win elections.

The abortion lobby wants to believe otherwise, but voters once again demonstrated that this is the Pro-Life generation.  Hillary Clinton was certainly not their candidate.