Trump restores federal funding of Texas women’s health program, free from abortion providers


The Trump Administration announced the restoration of federal funding for Texas’s women’s health program yesterday, reversing a decision by the Obama Administration in 2013 that punished Texas for refusing to fund the abortion industry.

In 2011, the Texas State Legislature prohibited the abortion industry from receiving money within the state’s Women’s Health Program, now known as Healthy Texas Women.  This program was funded at 90% by the federal government, but because of Texas’s life-affirming decision, the Obama Administration revoked all federal funding for the program.  Then Governor Rick Perry announced that the program would continue with 100% state funding, rather than compromise Texas’s Pro-Life principles. Since then, the state has continued to fund Healthy Texas Women without federal assistance.

With the election of President Trump, Texas sought restoration of this funding beginning in 2017.  Discussions between the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services were ongoing, finally culminating in an agreement yesterday, with Texas receiving $350 million to fund Healthy Texas Women over the next five years.

Healthy Texas Women provides a wide array of medical services at no cost to eligible low-income women, including family planning, breast and cervical cancer screenings, well-woman exams, and other health screenings, all without funding or promoting elective abortions directly or indirectly through tax dollars.  In 2018, Healthy Texas Women served 173,000 women, and this additional funding will enable the program to serve even more Texas women moving forward.

The announcement is further proof of President Trump’s willingness to fight for the Pro-Life movement.  The restoration of this federal funding enables Texas to continue and expand providing women’s health services in a life-affirming manner, free from the violence and lies of the abortion industry.

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