Biden Forces Americans to Pay for Abortions Internationally. This is Only the Start.

Days into office, Joe Biden catered to the abortion industry, forcing Americans to pay for abortions in other countries. The Mexico City Policy, which Biden rescinded Thursday, prohibits funding to organizations that provide or promote abortion internationally. This move, however, is just the beginning of Biden’s plan to unravel the numerous Pro-Life victories achieved under the Trump administration.

President Reagan first instituted the Mexico City Policy in 1984; every Republican president since has supported the policy and every Democrat has reversed course. Pro-Life advocates expected Biden’s decision on Thursday given this tumultuous history and his explicit promise to promote abortion more than any other president. Americans will now be forced to send up to $20 billion to International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and other abortion advocates. 

Along with repealing the Mexico City Policy, Thursday’s executive order also initiated the first step of directing money to Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses here in the United States. Before President Trump and his Republican predecessors stopped this federal funding, approximately $60 million per year funded Planned Parenthood—which is already taking victory laps on the promise that Biden will finalize the Title X change.

Joe Biden is a walking contradiction. Only the second Catholic elected to the White House, he is also the most pro-abortion president ever. Against Catholic teaching, he has forcefully advocated for the legal and taxpayer-funded killing of the unborn. Although he speaks in fluid and disarming platitudes of unity, his career is distinguished by a severe shift towards extremism. 

Decades ago, Biden wasn’t always a passionate abortion fanatic. He decried Roe v Wade as a decision that was too expansive and radical. He even favored allowing states to adopt their own policies governing abortion. But ever the cynical politician, his position evolved not-so-accidentally with the Democratic Party’s beliefs. Biden became more hostile to Pro-Life policies and the official position of his church, which he has often clouded public debate with lies about Catholic teaching and euphemisms about abortion. 

The evidence of Biden’s abortion idolization is unmistakable.

When asked about his pro-abortion extremism, Biden and his defenders quickly cloak him in his Catholicism: “he can’t be that extreme because he’s a devout Catholic!” But that’s precisely what makes his abortion policies all the more abhorrent and menacing. He’s laundering pro-abortion policies under the smokescreen of faithfulness to Christ and simultaneously besmirching the Christian tradition. Apparently, Biden’s Catholic identity is not as deep as his abortion enthusiasm.

The fate of the Mexico City Policy became cemented when Biden first walked into the oval office as president. Pro-Life Title X protections will certainly follow. And the Hyde Amendment is likewise in jeopardy. The forces of death may be celebrating the news, but the Pro-Life movement must continue to stay diligent and resist Biden and his allies at every turn.

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