At least 74 added to Harvey death toll after abortion group pays for “free” abortions

In the wake of devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, people across the country were shocked when abortion groups set up an “emergency fund” to pay for abortions for mothers affected by the storm.  A Texas abortion mill, Whole Woman’s Health, also offered “no-cost” abortions to storm victims.  The partnership of abortion groups like the Lilith Fund with Whole Woman’s Health has proved to be the perfect storm of another kind.

At least 74 women have scheduled elective abortions at Austin-based Whole Woman’s Health.  The abortion groups have already raised $15,000 to pay for the death of the preborn babies, and they are still raising funds with the goal of $40,000 to cover the cost of travel and accommodations.  According to the Dallas Morning News, Whole Woman’s Health will continue to pay for “no-cost” abortions through the end of September.  The final number of victims added to Harvey’s death toll will not be known until then.

Pro-Life groups across the state continue to offer women and families real options.  Although abortion groups offer women a “quick fix” in a what for many is a desperate time, they offer nothing for long-term care.  The decision to end the Life of a preborn child has lasting consequences that mothers and their families will have to face in the years to come.  Additionally, the senseless destruction of human Life does nothing to truly help women in very difficult circumstances.  After the abortion, these mothers will return to water-logged homes, destroyed possessions, and other children who need help.  As with any crisis pregnancy, the situation is the real crisis not the baby.

Pregnancy resource centers, which are on the frontlines of the Pro-Life movement in ordinary circumstances, are now more crucial than ever.  Houstonians, including Texas Right to Life’s Melissa Conway and Elizabeth McClung, shared with Live Action the importance of working together to restore pregnancy centers affected by the storm.  Pro-Life pregnancy centers do not coerce a woman into a decision for her child and then abandon her to face the consequences.  Pro-Life ministries across Texas walk with women and families as they welcome their babies to the world, providing resources, education, and encouragement along the way.  When a mother in a crisis situation walks into a room filled with baby clothes, formula, and diapers ready to be distributed to flood victims, she knows that abortion is not her only option because her material needs have already been met.

During the danger and uncertainty of the recent storm, the tiny Texans who joined us brought countless people hope.  In the aftermath, we cannot stand by while the abortion industry takes the lives of innocent victims.  Join Texas Right to Life in supporting pregnancy centers affected by the storm.  Women need to know that they have options and no situation is too desperate for Life.