Abortion group exploits Hurricane Harvey to raise money for elective abortions in Texas

The Lilith Fund, an anti-Life group that raises money for abortions, is using Hurricane Harvey as an opportunity to push an abortion agenda in Texas.  While many Texans in the path of the storm were still dealing with life-threatening floodwaters, the Lilith Fund and other abortion groups had already begun scheming.  Alarmist reports claim one of the most devastating effects of Harvey would be that women seeking elective abortion in Texas would face obstacles.  Never mind that first responders were risking life and limb to rescue men, women, and children trapped by rising water and neighbors were sacrificing everything to save neighbors.  For abortion zealots, the scariest thing about a hurricane is the possibility of fewer abortions.

By Thursday, the Lilith Fund launched a special donation page called the “Emergency Fund for Harvey Survivors.”  Although the name sounds noble, the aim is anything but.  The group claims the money will be used to pay for the abortions of mothers who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.  This predatory exploitation of a tragic and ongoing natural disaster has shocked people across the nation.  While abortion radicals describe the fund as “inspiring, essential work,” many are asking how abortions help anyone facing the uncertainty and devastation of recovering from a life-threatening disaster.  Thousands of displaced Texans need clean clothes, food, water, and compassionate care.  Abortion does not address the real and pressing needs of the survivors, and robs preborn survivors of the Right to Life.

While the Lilith Fund raises money and abortion groups offer “no-cost abortions,” Pro-Life Texans are working to provide real assistance.  Even though pregnancy resource centers in cities across Texas were devastated by the storm, many continue to serve mothers and children, especially flood victims.  Even while these centers work to recover their facilities from unprecedented flooding, short supplies, and displaced staff and volunteers, they offer pregnant mothers, mothers with young children, and their families life-affirming options, resources, and assistance.

Anti-Life groups are working to divide Texans through a divisive abortion campaign.  At a time when our neighbors need our united and unwavering support, we as Pro-Lifers must rise to the challenge.  We are called to show the world that we can love the mother and the preborn child and that we will help them both.  Harvey has left far too great a death toll and wake of devastation.  We must stand for Life.  Anti-Life groups like the Lilith Fund are using the storm and the ensuing crisis as yet one more reason to abort vulnerable preborn lives.  Women facing difficulties and obstacles must know that they are not alone.

Please donate to or volunteer with one of the life-affirming organizations bringing relief to our neighbors suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  You can find a list of Pro-Life resource centers serving areas affected by the storm at TexasRightToLife.com.