A ray of sunshine in the storm: Newborn Texans made memorable arrivals during Harvey

In the aftermath of Harvey, many Texans are looking for hope.  When Harvey made landfall in Corpus Christi, a path of destruction no one could have predicted began to unfold.  Almost a week later, floodwaters and debris remain, and Texans from Rockport to Port Arthur are in shock.

A bright spot in a week of tragedy and fear has emerged with the news of the many tiny Texans who decided not to wait out the storm.  Baby Kataleya Rose arrived early Saturday morning as Harvey wreaked havoc on Corpus Christi.  Without electricity and with streets full of water, parents Isabel and Lee Pena frantically tried to get an ambulance in time.  Kataleya wouldn’t wait, and her shocked aunt caught her with the closest blanket.  Emergency crews arrived shortly afterward.  They transported mother and baby to the hospital after a scary two minutes in which Kataleya wouldn’t breath.  Isabel told Today, “We’re going to explain it all to her when she gets older,” said Pena.  “But she’s probably going to think we’re crazy and we’re making it up.”

Another Corpus Christi mother, Irma Rodriguez, arrived at the hospital in time and delivered a healthy baby boy.  The Washington Post reports that she didn’t know what to name the baby until a nurse made a memorable suggestion: Harvey.

As Tropical Storm Harvey drenched Houston for days on end, many babies refused to wait for the floodwaters to recede.  According to ABC 13, Ciara Davis Lee of La Porte welcomed baby Landon on Sunday afternoon with the help of firefighters.  She posted on Facebook expressing her gratitude for the help saying, “I did not get your names but my family and I are so grateful for your service.”

Another proud mom, Angel Dean of Pasadena, welcomed baby Trinity while lightning was flashing and the heavy rains poured against the Bayshore Medical Center.  Dean told ABC 13 about the joy of welcoming her daughter saying, “It was truly a blessing in the middle of chaos.”

Parents Annie and Greg Smith had only recently arrived in Houston from Virginia.  Their daughter’s birth was scheduled for Sunday, but Sunday morning found Annie already in labor and trapped in their apartment by rising floodwaters.  Annie and Greg are both doctors, and Greg began sterilizing instruments for a home delivery.  LifeSite News reports on the amazing chain of assistance from neighbors, strangers, and emergency crews who carried Annie to a truck high enough to safely transport her to the hospital.  12 hours later, baby Adrielle was born.  Greg said about the experience of welcoming their daughter after suffering two miscarriages, “Everything about this pregnancy is God’s will.  That’s why her name is Adrielle.  It means she belongs to God.”

The road to recovery following the tragedy and devastation of Harvey will be a long and difficult one for so many of our fellow Texans.  Our hearts are touched by the joy of these courageous parents who welcomed new life during the storm.  We are blessed to have the company of these tiny Texans on the road ahead.