Yelp Joins List of Companies Paying for Abortion Travel

The online business and restaurant review platform Yelp has joined the list of companies promising to pay employees’ abortion travel expenses.

When asked about their decision to fund abortion travel, Yelp explained that “in the wake of Texas’ SB8 law (the Texas Heartbeat Act) passing, we started to recognize that this would be an issue that we would need to start looking into.”

Yelp joins CitiGroup Bank, Apple, Bumble, Match, and HP in instituting a policy to pay their employees’ travel expenses to obtain abortions.

Yelp will not just cover their employees’ abortion travel but their policy also extends to employees’ dependents as well.  

“As a remote-first company with a distributed workforce, this new benefit allows our U.S. employees and their dependents to have equitable access to reproductive care, regardless of where they live,” Yelp stated.

The review platform’s decision comes as Texas lawmaker, Briscoe Cain, is challenging the legality of companies such as Yelp and CitiGroup aiding in the abortion process by paying for abortion travel expenses.

Yelp did not explain how funding the abortion industry and encouraging employees to have their preborn children killed is in any way helpful to employees or a responsible use of company funds.

The abortion industry is already singlehandedly responsible for the deaths of over 65 million preborn American children since 1973. Though abortion numbers have begun to decline, hundreds of thousands of babies continue to be aborted every year.

Now, Yelp is the latest company to contribute to an already multi-BILLION-dollar blood-money industry. Planned Parenthood alone brings in approximately $1.3 billion in annual revenue. These billions are made off of the profit of the barbaric murder of innocent children, such as “the DC five,” whose brutalized aborted bodies were found in the nation’s capital.

Yelp’s actions demonstrate they have no concern for the wellbeing of their workers, and no intention of focusing on true support or resources that will help workers and their families live healthy lifestyles. Instead, Yelp’s callous support for the abortion industry does nothing more than feed their employees and their children straight into the jaws of greedy and bloodthirsty abortion businesses.

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