Williamson County DA hires prosecutor who indicted Pro-Life journalists, exonerated abortionists

Approximately 40 minutes north of Austin is Williamson County, a county where residents lean decidedly conservative at the ballot box.  However, Pro-Life voters should be scratching their heads at recent developments in the Williamson County District Attorney’s office.

In the 2016 Republican primary election, challenger Shawn Dick easily ousted incumbent District Attorney Jana Duty.  Duty was ripe for a challenger and voters of Williamson County were eager for an “anyone-but-Duty” option, allowing Shawn Dick to avoid the scrutiny typical in a normal campaign.

Enter “wolf in sheep’s clothing” to the Williamson County DA’s office.  New DA Dick has allegedly made a highly questionable hiring decision in bringing aboard none other than the woman who colluded with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston.

Sunni Mitchell was recently fired from the Harris County DA’s office when the new DA made staffing decisions.  Although the Pro-Life views of the new Harris County DA, Kim Ogg, are unknown, Ogg astutely fired Sunni and sent her packing with her political baggage.  Mitchell was the one in charge of two Pro-Life cases in Harris County and she botched them both—badly.

In 2013, Mitchell oversaw the case against Douglas Karpen, a late-term abortionist in Houston who allegedly killed infants who survived abortions.  Karpen’s former staff also reported that he maimed innumerable women.  Under Mitchell’s watch, a grand jury in Harris County failed to indict Karpen.  In 2015, Mitchell led the investigation and prosecution of the criminal activity at the mega-abortion center Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for altering abortion procedures to sell the baby body parts of aborted children.  In a shocking inversion of justice, Planned Parenthood was exonerated and the Pro-Life journalists who documented the atrocities in the clinic were indicted.  Once is an accident.  Twice is a pattern.  Third time?  Additional evidence has come to light that Mitchell colluded with Planned Parenthood’s Houston lawyer as well as with officials in California to indict the journalists, sharing information that was proprietary and strictly prohibited by the Texas Office of the Attorney General.

Even a panel of members in the United States Congress found the evidence against Karpen and Planned Parenthood clear.  They have referred all the criminal findings to the Texas Office of the Attorney General to seek prosecution.  Although officials in D.C. are often accused of inaction, at least they easily identified the criminal activity in Harris County—which Sunni Mitchell deliberately disregarded in pursuit of her pro-abortion agenda.

This is the woman who will now be “prosecuting”—or perhaps not—in Williamson County, the county where the majority is Pro-Life.  Either Sunni Mitchell’s allegiance to the abortion industry clouds her ability to perform her formal duties, or she is incompetent.  Either way, every pregnancy center, Pro-Life sidewalk counselor, and Pro-Life organization in Williamson County is less safe with Mitchell on the public payroll.  Her hiring is a black-eye and an ominous start to Shawn Dick’s tenure as DA.  Williamson County residents should pressure DA Dick to take her off the payroll and out of his office immediately.

The radical left has changed public policy in their favor by targeting businesses whose actions are antithetical to their positions.  Conservatives in Texas most assuredly should stand against public dollars funding the employees of an elected officer whose agenda runs counter to their values.  The hiring of Mitchell alone should certainly ensure Dick has a viable Republican primary opponent in 2020.