Violent opponent attacks team of Pro-Lifers as high school

When peaceful Pro-Life advocates arrived at Gahanna Lincoln High School in Columbus, Ohio, on May 10, they intended to spend the day engaging students in rational and thought-provoking conversations about abortion.  But the group was immediately deterred by an enraged abortion advocate who attacked the activists before they even began their outreach.

In a video documenting the outburst, below, Created Equal, which displays graphic abortion images to expose the violent reality behind abortion, asks, why does he oppose showing injustice to young adults while doing injustice to young adults? 

The man hurled insults, screamed, and physically attacked the Created Equal team as they prepared to begin their outreach at Gahanna Lincoln High.  The man attempted to intimidate the team into leaving the area immediately, but the group remained calm as they contacted police to intervene and extend protection to their First Amendment rights.  The perpetrator was cited for “fourth degree misdemeanor of disorderly conduct,” according to Created Equal.

Mark Harrington, National Director of Created Equal, responded to the incident, saying:

It seems increasingly common for abortion advocates not only to dissent to our message but also to resort to violence.  In defending the violence of abortion, abortion advocates use violence to intimidate preborn defenders.  We take every lawful measure to ensure the safety of our team members.  However, we understand these kinds of attacks are inevitable.  We will never be silenced by violence or threats of violence.

Like many others, including this anti-Life college professor and this abortionist and his accomplice, abortion supporters often attack Po-Life advocates who present opposing viewpoints.  Created Equal has pressed charges against the man, and their ordeal even gained attention from the popular website, CollegeFix.

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