Pro-Lifers assaulted by abortion workers at notorious late-term abortionist´s facility

During the filming of Saved, a Pro-Life documentary recorded at the facility of infamous late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart, Pro-Life filmmakers saw first-hand the hatred that drives the abortion industry. Watch footage of Carhart’s accomplice physically blocking and verbally insulting Pro-Lifers starting at 0:40 in the video below: 

Operation Rescue reported the event, saying:

Carhart can be heard saying, “Hey, I wouldn’t push her if I were you.”

Wilmowski replied, “You’re talking to her, right.  I’m not doing anything.”

Carhart replied, “I’m talking to you, b****.”

Later, the woman with the umbrella is heard calling Wilmowski a “fat a**.”

Later, another giggling abortion worker is seen peeking out the clinic’s front door and giving the worker who assaulted Wilmowski a thumbs up sign.


The fact that Leroy Carhart is still in business is shocking, considering his muddied medical record.  The abortionist, who commits late-term abortions on fully-formed children in both Maryland and Nebraska, is guilty of having committed astartling number of botched abortions.  In undercover footage filmed by Live Action Films for an investigation called Inhuman, Leroy Carhart referred to dead fetuses who are left in their mother’s wombs during the drawn-out process of cervical dilation in a late-term abortion as “meat in a Crock-Pot.”

Carhart has been effectively canonized by the radical abortioncommunity for his work of killing late-term babies.  The procedure is so gruesome and inhumane that even the vast majority of abortionists themselves will not commit such atrocious acts of preborn murder.  But Carhart is unfazed by his horrific profession, joking and laughing about the process of killing, dismembering, and removing large fetuses from their mothers’ wombs.  Watch the following footage of Carhart explaining the late-term abortion process to a pregnant, undercover Pro-Lifer:

The death toll in not exclusive to preborn babies; Carhart is also responsible for the death of at least one young mother – probably more