Trevor Noah bashes Texas Heartbeat Act, calls life-saving law “horrible”

If there was any doubt of the pro-abortion bias in the media, the Texas Heartbeat Act has proven just how pervasive anti-Life pundits have become. One example comes from The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah who ranted about how “horrible” and “terrifying” a law that has already saved the lives of thousands of Texas babies. Though The Daily Show is supposed to be comedy, there was nothing funny about Noah’s ravings.

Last week, Noah complained that radical anti-Life legislation passed in the United States House of Representatives was unlikely to pass in the Senate. He then zeroed in on Texas to vent his anti-Life views.

Speaking about the Texas Heartbeat Act that went into effect on September 1, Noah misrepresented the Pro-Life law. The Texas Heartbeat Act protects preborn babies from the time they have a detectable heartbeat, around six weeks’ gestation. Noah was not interested in the real content of the law but instead fixated on anti-Life talking points.

He said, “Wow, women can’t even get an Uber to the abortion clinic. That is insane and so horrible. And it must be pretty upsetting for the restaurant next door that all the women are pretending to get rides to.” This absurd claim commonly made by abortion activists has been debunked. Despite no basis in the law, abortion activists, including those at the head of ridesharing companies Uber and Lyft have fearmongered about imagined legal action against drivers while ignoring the preborn babies the law protects.

As Texas Right to Life previously explained, “Lyft and Uber pretend the Texas Heartbeat Act will create chaos, but in reality, the standard for aiding and abetting already existed in Texas law. Uber and Lyft drivers are no more likely to be held responsible for a customer’s actions than they would be for other legal matters under the ‘aiding and abetting’ standard.” Pro-Life Texans do not support the Texas Heartbeat Act because they want to legally harass rideshare drives; they support the law because they want to stop the slaughter of innocent children with a heartbeat.

Noah said elsewhere, “This law is terrifying if you think about it because now practically anyone can be sued for being involved in an abortion in any way — doctors can be sued, nurses can be sued, even Uber drivers.” Again, this is simply false. The law has a unique enforcement mechanism, which was necessary to stop the abortion industry from halting Pro-Life laws through frivolous legal maneuvers. The law does not unleash legal chaos, and the clear target for civil lawsuits are abortionists who violate the Life-saving law.

Noah then perpetuated the lie that restricting abortion will lead to an increase of illegal abortions. There is data to show that restricting abortion does reduce the number of abortions, and statistics in Texas in recent years of stronger Pro-Life laws have shown this. When abortion is illegal or restricted, fewer mothers opt for elective abortion.

Abortion activists love to claim that Pro-Lifers are hurting women, but the reality remains that abortion is hurting women. Noah ranted, “People, this is despicable, you shouldn’t have to cross state lines to get a simple medical procedure performed.” Abortion is not a “simple medical procedure,” and illegal abortion is not the only elective killing of preborn babies that sometimes results in maternal death. The families of women like Cree Erwin-Sheppard know well that legal abortion is not a safe or simple medical procedure.

This is because force and violence are necessary to dismember a living child in the womb or suction the baby limb from limb. The baby is defenseless and innocent, targeted for death for no other reason than lack of age and development.

You will never find these facts in the mainstream media. What the anti-Life bias in so many news outlets reveals is the absurdity of the anti-Life position. To Noah, failure to pass a sweeping bill eliminating every Pro-Life protection at the state and federal level was inhumane and the life-saving Texas Heartbeat Act is barbaric. To anyone paying attention, the reverse is obviously true.

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