Thank you! Two Pro-Life priorities advanced today: Reform of anti-Life 10-Day Rule and Preborn NonDiscrimination Act

Thousands of Texans like you asked the Texas Legislature to make LIFE a priority.  Because of you, two crucial Pro-Life priority bills advanced today, but the battle is not finished yet!

The Texas Senate finally passed Senate Bill 2089 today to reform the horrible 10-Day Rule that victimized patients like Carolyn Jones and four-year-old Clifton.  Thanks to you, the Texas Senate finally passed the Respecting Texas Patients’ Right to Life Act, SB 2089, today by a bipartisan vote of 22-8 (1 Present Not Voting).  

The original version of SB 2089 would have honored a patient‘s directive to continue life-sustaining treatment until the hospital and family could transfer the patient to an alternate facility.  This mirrors the law in 11 other states. However, Senator Bryan Hughes negotiated with other senators to incrementally reform the process by extending the deadline, giving the patient and family 45 days to transfer to a facility willing to honor the patient’s decision.  

During the debate on the Senate floor, Senator Hughes noted that the Texas law is “the most draconian law in the country,” and that Texas hospitals “shouldn’t hasten [patients’] death but allow them to pass away naturally.”  

Additionally, the House Committee on State Affairs passed the #1 abortion-related Pro-Life priority bill, the Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA), to the Calendars Committee today.

PreNDA would:

  • End the remaining late-term abortions in Texas;
  • Prohibit abortions committed against preborn children for discriminatory reasons, like the child’s sex, race, or suspected disability; and
  • Provide information about life-affirming social and medical services to families whose preborn children are diagnosed with life-limiting disabilities.

With only one week left to pass these life-saving bills, all attention must turn to the Texas House of Representatives.  If your state representatives delay even in the slightest, countless unborn children and vulnerable patients will die by the next time the Legislature convenes.

Please take action now!  Use the below form to ask your state representative to PASS SB 2089 and SB 1033.

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