Texas Right to Life calls on Gov. Abbott to convene special session to pass Lone Star Agenda

Grassroots leaders and conservative groups across Texas, including Texas Right to Life, call on Governor Greg Abbott to convene a special session of the Texas Legislature to pass the Lone Star Agenda.  Read the letter from the full coalition here.  Our agenda lists policies that the Texas Legislature must pass in order to inspire Republican voters for the upcoming 2020 election and keep Texas red.  

The Regular Session of the 86th Legislature was an abysmal failure for the Pro-Life movement, with no bills passed that ban abortions.  Pro-Life priorities were not the only casualties of the “purple session”; the Republican majority of the Texas Legislature also saw fit to ignore or outright kill other conservative priorities during the regular session.  Due to these highly disappointing results, Texas Right to Life previously announced a partnership with other Texas grassroots organizations in support of the Lone Star Agenda.

Texas Right to Life has outlined the bold and necessary Texas Abolition Strategy as a blueprint for how Texas can end abortion.  Multitudes of Texans have already urged their elected officials to support this three-part strategy.  Texas Right to Life enthusiastically welcomes the opportunity to pass this life-saving bill that will crumble Roe v. Wade and restore Texas to the leading Pro-Life state.

The joint letter from multiple organizations and grassroots leaders urges Governor Abbott to call a special session in order to prove to Texas Republican voters that our elected officials are willing to fight for our core values that make Texas the greatest state in the nation.

Join us in requesting that Governor Abbott call a special session to pass each item in this conservative agenda, especially “Increase protections for unborn Texans.”  Texas must pass the Texas Abolition Strategy to take an unprecedented stand for Life and invigorate the Republican base to keep Texas red in 2020.  A special session is essential for the Pro-Life movement; the lives of tiny Texans hang in the balance.