How We Will Abolish Abortion in Texas

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Abolishing abortion is the goal. The fundamental question is how.

Among the many atrocities committed over the course of world history, elective abortion—i.e., the intentional killing of an innocent preborn child—is uniquely appalling, barbaric, and morally offensive. Most Texans agree that we must ceaselessly work and pray to make the unjust practice of abortion both illegal and unthinkable in our state.

Ever since our legal incorporation in 1973, Texas Right to Life has worked to place a dismantled, eviscerated, and overturned Roe v. Wade on the ash heap of history, to abolish abortion, and to restore legal protection for the preborn in Texas.

We at Texas Right to Life have always been patient, strategic incrementalists, but after 45 years of waiting, we must be bolder and clearer than ever to take the next steps in the battle.

The elite ruling class seeks to manipulate us, the voters, while 53,000 preborn children will be aborted in Texas within the next 12 months. And politicians do nothing to stop the deaths of these tiny Texans. In fact, Texas has fallen to where she is not even rated as one of the 10 most Pro-Life states in our nation.

Can Pro-Life Texans ultimately achieve abolition?

Yes—through a patient, logical, methodical, and legally laid framework on which courts build the case to weaken, dismantle, and reverse Roe. In order to reach abolition, two measures must first be legislatively and judicially addressed. Texas Right to Life is committed to leading the movement in Texas by passing and legally defending three sequential Pro-Life policies:

  1. First PreNDA: Abolish all discriminatory abortions and the remaining late-term abortions in Texas via the Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA);
  2. Then the Heartbeat Bill: Abolish elective abortions after the preborn child’s heartbeat is detectable; and
  3. Finally, the Abolition Bill: Abolish every remaining elective abortion in Texas.

Texas Right to Life fully endorses PreNDA, a Heartbeat Bill, and an Abolition Bill, recognizing that the greatest possibility of success lies in the proper sequential and logical order. Each piece is crucial in abolishing abortion in Texas, and all three policies could be passed in one carefully drafted bill, the Texas Abolition Strategy.

Texas must enforce and defend PreNDA first so as to force the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to build a court record affirming the preborn child’s humanity. Once this noteworthy, yet intermediate goal is achieved, the state can then enact broader protections for more preborn children (those with detectable heartbeats) and then achieve our primary goal of saving all preborn children.

This is how Texas will stop the scourge on our state and nation and end the bloodshed of innocents who cry to heaven for divine vengeance upon our land.

We at Texas Right to Life share the impatience and frustration, if not outrage, that abortion has not already been abolished. This task of abolishing abortion is too important to adopt imprudent or doomed legislative and legal strategies for the sake of simplicity or expediency.

In the post-Roe Pro-Life culture war, we are afforded no shortcuts to stopping the biggest and bloodiest injustice in our nation’s history.

Texas Right to Life is profoundly disappointed that Texas State House leadership failed the Pro-Life movement by choosing not to pass any bill that would directly prevent any abortions (especially PreNDA, the top Pro-Life priority) and thus forfeited the opportunity to lay the cornerstone necessary to take the next step to abolish all abortions in Texas.

Texas Right to Life will not be placated or satisfied with any Pro-Life accomplishment short of abortion being completely abolished, and we look forward to passing this policy in the proper sequence.

Again, all three policies could be passed in ONE carefully drafted bill in the next session of the Texas Legislature or even earlier in a special session called by the governor.

The lives of all preborn children are at stake. The political grandstanding and worrying about possible election outcomes must cease.

We must end the practice of politicians maintaining temporal power over building the Culture of Life and the Kingdom of God. The time has come for Texas and her elected leaders to boldly and prudently spearhead the American Pro-Life movement, continuing our battle to save lives while we steadfastly march toward the abolition of all abortion.

Ask your state legislators now to support the Texas Abolition Strategy using the below form!

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