Texas House tanks Pro-Life priorities, ignores grassroots supporters and the cries of the unborn

The Texas House of Representatives killed all but one Pro-Life priority bill, shirking their responsibility to protect Life.  While other states and the Texas Senate besieged abortion and euthanasia this year with life-saving legislation, the Texas House stopped zero abortions and again green-lighted the 10-day countdown on the lives of vulnerable, hospitalized patients for at least two more years.  

Senate Bill 1033, the Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA), would have eliminated elective late-term abortions in Texas, banned discriminatory abortions (motivated by the sex, ethnicity, or disability of the child), and given families information about available life-affirming medical and social services.  Dozens of parents, siblings, and survivors affected by Texas’ late-term, discriminatory abortion loophole shared their heart-wrenching stories in the House and Senate committee hearings about the dire need for PreNDA, yet House leadership found the measure too controversial to move quickly enough to pass.

Additionally, Beaumont woman Carolyn Jones’ recent saga with the Texas 10-Day Rule should have been enough to convince lawmakers to pass Senate Bill 2089.  The bill would have reformed Texas’ anti-Life 10-Day Rule that allows hospital committees to pull the plug on patients against their will or that of their surrogate decision maker with only 10 days’ notice.  House leadership sided with the medical lobby rather than vulnerable patients, killing Senate Bill 2089.

The Texas House passed ceremonial, feel-good, and optics-only bills in regard to Life.  These bills serve re-election campaigns more than they serve the Pro-Life movement. Such bills fail to directly save lives, fail to focus the cultural conversation on the humanity of the preborn child, and fail to dismantle Roe v. Wade.

Other than passing Senate Bill 22, the No Taxpayer Funding for the Abortion Industry Act, the Texas House thwarted all priority bills.  Pro-Life advocates everywhere, along with Texas Right to Life, are gravely troubled that representatives abandoned vulnerable Texans and betrayed their constituents in exchange for the left-wing agenda in 2019.

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