Texas abortion funds encourage women to undergo illegal abortions


Abortion activists have been telling new lies to promote abortion in recent years.  The most recent is that abortion is “empowering” for mothers and that committing “DIY” abortions is cause for celebration.  The latest example in Texas comes from the Rio Grande Valley, where radical anti-Life group La Frontera Fund hosted an event.

A friend of Texas Right to Life attended the meeting, and learned that the abortion mob is encouraging people to bring abortion pills from Mexico into the United States in order to commit abortions.  Attendees were instructed on how to commit an abortion on themselves using abortion pills.  The event also included information on how to assist migrant mothers to commit illegal abortions on themselves.

Unfortunately, encouraging dangerous and illegal “self-managed” abortions is not new.  Years ago, an abortion activist in Texas wrote about instructing friends how to commit an abortion while lounging in her living room with boxed wine and fancy cheese.  This dangerous and brazenly anti-Life practice of telling women how to commit abortions is technically legal, according to this writer, because she is describing abortions “in theory.”  She claims, “I don’t tell people that they should induce safe abortions on their own outside of a legal abortion facility, or instruct them in how they, personally, can do so.  That is illegal.”

Then what exactly are she and other abortion groups in Texas doing?

Describing in detail how women can acquire abortion pills illegally and commit an abortion, that’s what!  This is a distinction without a difference.

At the same time that anti-Life extremists are encouraging mothers to commit “DIY” abortions, other anti-Life groups are claiming that abortion must be legal because mothers will risk their lives to undergo abortion in states that protect innocent human Life.  However, there is strong evidence that mothers are less likely to end their children’s lives where abortion is illegal or restricted.

At the recent La Frontera event, young teens were also targeted and encouraged to commit illegal abortions without their parents’ knowledge.  Abortion pills end the life of an innocent and defenseless preborn child.  In addition, they carry serious risks for the mother.  Encouraging underage girls to commit a “self-managed” abortion means endangering the lives of preborn children and teens who are not legally competent to make such a life-and-death decision without a legal guardian.

Attendees at the La Frontera event were also given information on how to conceal a self-managed abortion from law enforcement.  Not only is this illegal, this again poses further risks for mothers.  In the event of complications, of which there are many, emergency responders need to know what has occurred in order to work to save the mother’s life after her child’s life has already ended.

La Frontera Fund is, unfortunately, not an isolated group.  The abortion fundraiser is part of a national network of anti-Life radicals who give mothers money toward ending the lives of their preborn children.  Because Texas protects babies after 20 weeks’ gestation from the violence of abortion, La Frontera Fund specializes in helping mothers travel out of state for late-term abortions, sending mothers to Colorado and New Mexico.

Abortion fundraising groups like La Frontera have lobbied in Austin demanding direct taxpayer funding for elective abortion.  And yet, these anti-Life groups ignore the real problems mothers are facing that lead them to seek abortion, the killing of their preborn child.  

Texas mothers need comprehensive and compassionate assistance, not money to kill their babies.  A new study suggests that mothers in strongly Pro-Life states are more likely to seek illegal abortion, but previous studies on this topic regarding Texas have been flawed beyond belief.  Regardless, Texans should ask the question: if the abortion industry continues to target vulnerable women with the lie that “DIY” abortions are “safe” and “empowering,” how many more will believe them?

Texas women deserve the truth.  What can you do to reach people in your community with the truth about abortion? 


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