Stop Illegal Abortions and Fully Enforce Our Laws – the Next Frontier of the Pro-Life Fight

These past few years have been pivotal for the Pro-Life movement, particularly in Texas. In September 2021, the Texas Heartbeat Act took effect, decreasing abortions by around half in our state. Then, in June 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States released its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, finally overturning Roe v. Wade (1973) and returning the issue of abortion to the states to decide. Almost immediately, abortion facilities in Texas stopped performing abortions altogether in compliance with the pre-Roe ban, which was again enforceable, and later the Texas Trigger Law. 

However, some anti-Life elected officials in Texas have declared war on our Life-saving laws. Before and since Roe was overturned, district attorneys across the country declared their intent not to enforce Pro-Life laws. This includes some Texas district attorneys, who have publicly announced that they will categorically refuse to enforce Pro-Life laws

While district attorneys rightly have discretion over whether to prosecute case-by-case, they do not have the authority to adopt sweeping policies that subvert the lawmaking authority of the Legislature. These prosecutors have proven that they are not reliable when it comes to enforcing Life-saving laws. Legislation seeking to hold such district attorneys accountable passed during the 88th Legislature, but merely holding district attorneys accountable is not enough.

That is because with elective abortion prohibited in Texas, the abortion industry has become more dangerously innovative, including shipping illegal abortion pills into Texas from overseas, bringing these pills across our southern border, and hosting an “abortion ship” in federal waters off the Gulf Coast to perform abortions. We cannot allow these deadly, creative new measures to become the status quo for Texas. 

Abortion pills are incredibly dangerous to pregnant women as well as preborn children. There are many websites promoting the illegal distribution and purchase of these drugs. During the Regular Session of the 88th Legislature, several bills were filed attempting to go around rogue district attorneys refusing to fulfill their oath of office and stopping the promotion and distribution of illegal abortion pills (such as House Bill 2690 and Senate Bill 1927). This legislative session was historic, marking the first time the Legislature convened since Roe was overturned and an opportunity to stop the abortion industry’s creative measures in their tracks. 

Tragically, the Texas Legislature chose to neglect preborn children in this first session post-Roe, with none of these Pro-Life priority bills making it through the legislative process.  

The Regular Session of the 88th Texas Legislature came to an end a few weeks ago, and the next Regular Session will not begin until January 2025. However, the governor does have the authority to call a Special legislative Session. A Special Session lasts up to 30 days, during which the Legislature is called back to Austin to complete unfinished business. In this short session, the Legislature may only address topics which the governor specifies. The Legislature is currently in the middle of the First Called Special Session, but no Pro-Life Priorities were included on the call. But the governor has already indicated he plans to call more Special Sessions, giving us another opportunity to pass laws that will defend Texas from the lawless politicians and radical abortion activists and ensure our strong Pro-Life laws are fully enforced. 

But we need YOU to make this happen! Contact the governor’s office right now and ask him to stop illegal abortions in Texas. 

Email and copy and paste this message!

Dear Governor Abbott and team, I ask you to keep your promise to protect preborn babies and Texas families. Please add the following Pro-Life Priorities to a special session call: a) Establishing the Texas Adoption Assistance Program (such as House Bill 4138 from the Regular Session); and b) Stopping the promotion and distribution of illegal abortion pills (such as House Bill 2690 and Senate Bill 1927 from the Regular Session) By adding these unfinished Pro-Life Priorities to the agenda for a special session, the Legislature will have another chance to protect innocent human Life and show that Texas is not just anti-abortion but truly Pro-Life and pro-family. Thank you.

Texas laws are currently saving thousands of preborn lives from abortion, but the fight is not over. If we truly want to protect vulnerable preborn Texans, we cannot step down. We must ensure our laws are fully enforced and stop deadly illegal abortion drugs from coming into our state.