Screaming Abortion Activists Disrupt Kentucky Pro-Life Vote

Police had to remove pro-abortion activists from the Kentucky Senate chamber after they disrupted a vote over a Pro-Life law.

Screaming protestors shouted, “abortion is healthcare!” and “shame on you!” and hung banners from the gallery reading, “Stop the bans.”   

The commotion briefly interrupted the Kentucky Senate’s vote on House Bill 3, a Pro-Life bill that would protect preborn children after 15 weeks in the womb and prohibit the dangerous practice of abortionists distributing chemical abortion pills through the mail.  

After police removed the demonstrators from the gallery they continued to chant at the steps to the Senate chamber in the Kentucky capitol building.

The vote continued, but not before seven Senate Democrats walked out of the chamber in protest.

Among the senators protesting the bill was pro-abortion Democratic senator Karen Berg. During committee debate of HB 3, Berg angrily shouted that the bill recognizing the Right to Life of preborn babies after 15 weeks and protecting women from chemical abortion “is a medical sham” and proclaimed to Kentucky senators, “you are killing women!”

Despite Berg’s outrage, the complete opposite is true. Self-induced abortion is not only deadly to preborn children but incredibly dangerous to women as well. Abortion-inducing drugs can lead to serious, life-threatening side effects, and are increasingly dangerous the further into pregnancy a woman uses them. These drugs are even contraindicated for some women.

Despite these demonstrations the Pro-Life bill passed the Kentucky Senate in an overwhelming 29-0 vote. The Kentucky House also gave final approval of the Pro-Life bill that same day.

Democrat governor Andy Beshear is expected to veto the bill, but political onlookers expect Republicans will be able to override the veto as they hold super-majorities in both the House and Senate.

As the Pro-Life movement has made great strides in the past couple of years, the abortion industry is shifting their focus to chemical self-induced abortions. This is an especially pressing issue in Texas, with the future of elective abortion uncertain after the success of the Texas Heartbeat Act and Roe v. Wade being called into question in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Services case in the Supreme Court of the United States. 

Texas Right to Life is committed to protecting preborn children and mothers from this push for chemical abortions. The State of Texas passed a desperately needed ban on mail-order chemical abortions in 2021. But the fight to protect babies and women from dangerous chemical abortion is just beginning, as the abortion industry has signaled they will take the enterprise underground. Texas Right to Life will continue to fight the forces of death no matter how hard they try to circumvent our Pro-Life policies or evade accountability.

Pro-Lifers must not back down or be intimidated by the rage of the radically anti-Life abortion movement. We must work harder than ever for the defense and protection of the preborn and vulnerable. 

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