Red-Wave Momentum Engulfs Democrats’ Disastrous Abortion Message

Republicans are optimistic for big gains Tuesday, as polling tipped toward the GOP ahead of the critical midterm elections.

With midterm elections typically shifting against the party in power, and with Joe Biden’s bleak approval numbers, political analysts have long expected a GOP takeover of the House of Representatives. The U.S. Senate and many state legislatures, however, could go either way. Republican candidates have surged in key races in recent weeks, bolstering hopes that the GOP can break Democrats’ hold on Congress and make historic gains in the first nationwide election since the reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Ahead of Tuesday’s election, Biden pledged, “If we elect—they give me two more Democrats in the Senate and we keep control of the House, we’re going to codify Roe v. Wade in January and make it the law of the land.” This would mean that Pro-Life laws across the country (including bans on late-term abortion and taxpayer-funded abortion) would be blocked and abortion would be legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy. 

This message has done no favors for Democrats. 

“It’s pretty clear that Republicans have the wind at their back,” said Jim Manley, a former aide to the late Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. “I thought a few weeks ago that we could keep the losses in the House to single digits. That’s no longer the case. And my big fear is what is going on with the Senate races.”

Democrats relied on the issue of abortion to boost them in the polls after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, authorizing state legislatures to decide their own abortion policies. 

High-profile Democrats have even gone as far as asserting that abortion would solve inflation, per Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, and that women care more about getting abortions than they care about the price of gas, according to liberal filmmaker Michael Moore.

At first abortionists’ doomsday narrative appeared to influence voters immediately after the Supreme Court decision in June, with the mainstream media propagandizing that women would die without abortion and that they would not be treated for miscarriage or ectopic pregnancies. 

But time was always on Pro-Lifers’ side. 

Americans now see that leftists’ predictions were false.

Moreover, Life is a successful message for Republicans, especially among Hispanic communities, which are leaning toward the GOP more than ever. 

Winning a Pro-Life majority in the U.S. House and Senate would block Biden from enshrining unlimited abortion in federal law, and would restore key provisions that protect taxpayers from being forced to fund abortion. 

Keeping and expanding a Pro-Life majority in the state legislature would pave the way to pass historic bills that would: 

  1. Hold abortionists accountable if they break Texas law;
  2. Support pregnant women; and
  3. Protect hospital patients. 

Republicans hold a strong chance of flipping seats in the Texas State Legislature and at least four U.S. Senate seats. 

In the Texas State Senate, Adam Hinojosa and Julie Dahlberg could win Democrat-controlled districts on the border. In the Texas House, Ellen Troxclair (Jasper area), Terri Leo Wilson (Galveston area), Janie Lopez (Brownsville), Caroline Harris (Round Rock), Carrie Isaac (Fredericksburg), Michelle Evans (Austin area), and Kay Smith (North Houston) are in competitive races. 

In Arizona, Republican Blake Masters could defeat incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly as Masters holds a razor-thin margin in the polls. In New Hampshire, former U.S. Army Brigadier General Don Bolduc led another incumbent Democrat, Maggie Hassan, for the Senate. In Georgia, Herschel Walker held a slim lead over incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock. In Nevada, Attorney General Adam Laxalt maintained a steady lead over incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto.

Democrats hoped to capture seats held by retiring Republicans in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but J.D. Vance in Ohio appears to be miles ahead of longtime Democrat Tim Ryan, while the Pennsylvania race between Dr. Mehmet Oz (R) and John Fetterman (D) are in a statistical tie.

Democrats also wanted to flip Wisconsin’s Republican-held U.S. Senate seat, but recent polls show Ron Johnson (R) with a comfortable lead.

We’ll have a massive RED WAVE tonight, but only if you get out and vote!

Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. If you are in line by 7:00 p.m., you will still be able to vote as long as you stay in line. Bring a photo ID with you, and print or write down the Pro-Life Voter Guide from Texas Right to Life PAC. You can bring paper with you into the booth but you cannot use your phone at the polls. 

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