President Trump Will Be First President to Attend March for Life

President Donald Trump will attend the March for Life in Washington, D.C., today. President Trump is the first president in our nation’s history to ever address the crowd live, in person!

Trump has supported the annual March for Life before, including a speech from the Rose Garden in 2018 where he was introduced by Pro-Life Vice President Mike Pence. In 2019, Vice President Pence spoke at the March for Life in person while President Trump addressed the crowd from the Rose Garden via video.

Today, we’re sending 24 students to the march who help you spread the Pro-Life message on the front-lines. This is a critical opportunity for our country’s future. As pro-abortion socialists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren target college campuses in Texas, we need stronger and bolder young advocates to proclaim the truth about Life.

Friend, will you sponsor a Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow at the national March for Life in Washington, D.C.? Scroll below to act now!

Since taking the oath of office three years ago, President Trump has worked to advance the Pro-Life cause by:

This is a rare chance. If we want to make America Pro-Life again, we must reach young people.

Your gift will help this army of Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows march to the Supreme Court, visit the Holocaust Museum and reflect on the abortion holocaust, and tour the Capitol with a Pro-Life member of Congress. We cover all of their expenses (food, transportation, lodging, and conference registration).

Students who have attended the D.C. march in the past say this is one of the most inspiring weekends of their time in college – imagine how much more powerful this experience will be once they hear President Trump!

As little as $30 can help! Your gift in one of the following amounts can help provide Pro-Life students with an unforgettable experience at the march:

  • $30 – Metro transportation for one student
  • $40 – Conference registration for one student
  • $100 – Meals for 10 students
  • $200 – Hotel stay for the entire trip for one student
  • $350 – Airfare for one student
  • $750 – Entire March for Life experience for one student

And funds raised in excess of the students’ trip expenses will be dedicated to scholarships for Fellows across the state.

You can offer this once in a lifetime opportunity to juniors and seniors in the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship.  Will you help equip the next generation of Pro-Life leaders? 



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