Planned Parenthood uses ongoing recovery efforts in Puerto Rico as a fundraising opportunity for abortion business

Never an organization to miss a fundraising opportunity, Planned Parenthood is encouraging supporters to donate to “relief efforts” for Puerto Rico.  The marketing team of Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion business, is not talking about rebuilding homes, restoring electricity, and supplying much-needed medical equipment and clean water.  Planned Parenthood is of course concerned most with ensuring that they can market elective abortion to the hurricane-ravaged island.

As usual, Planned Parenthood makes their fundraising pitch under the guise that they are providing “reproductive care,” such as STI testing and contraceptives.  Planned Parenthood works on Puerto Rico primarily through a partner organization, Profamilias.  Just as Planned Parenthood in the United States claims that abortion is only a small part of what the organization does, the information about Profamilias emphasizes non-abortion services.  The marketing conveniently ignores the ugly truth that Planned Parenthood and partner organization Profamilias end the lives of preborn children in abortion.  By design, this deadly business is inseparable from the other services they provide.

In a stunning admission, the International Planned Parenthood Federation website explains that Profamilias commits most of the abortions on minors who are seeking elective abortion without parental consent.  The website explains, “Over half of its abortion services are to young people, as Profamilias is one of the only providers in Puerto Rico that does not require parental consent.”  In this, Planned Parenthood reveals that Profamilias is not serving Puerto Ricans but instead is pushing an abortion agenda with origins on the mainland.

In Puerto Rico, abortion is only legal in narrowly defined circumstances to protect the Life or health of the mother.  Radical abortion groups decry the Pro-Life legislation and claim that such a position violates the precedent set by Roe v. Wade.  The reason for Puerto Rico’s laws, however, does not lie with an oppressive patriarchy or ultra-religious minority.  Surveys indicate that more than three-quarters of Puerto Ricans living on the island say that abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.  The Puerto Rican people are by-and-large Pro-Life, and the pressure of international organizations like Planned Parenthood to accept elective abortion is a disgrace.

This is not the first time this year abortion organizations have capitalized on disaster to fundraise.  After Hurricane Harvey, several abortion groups aggressively fundraised and marketed abortion to women, some of whom had lost everything.  Planned Parenthood claims that when natural disaster strikes, “women suffer the most.”  If women lacking basic hygiene and healthcare needs are put in the hands of the predatory abortion industry, they do indeed suffer most.  When we ensure that women and families in crisis have real options, we help all people recover from disaster.