Planned Parenthood LOST THEIR MINDS When We Said Pregnancy Leads to Birth

Texas Right to Life weighed in last December in a landmark case over Pennsylvania’s ban on Medicaid funding of abortions. 

We urged the court to defend taxpayers from funding abortion and protect preborn children, stating, “a woman’s body is designed to carry her pregnancy to term and give birth to her child; it is not designed to have this natural process violently cut short.”

We pointed out basic biology, and Planned Parenthood lost their minds.

Planned Parenthood, along with a collection of other abortion businesses, filed a reply brief afterward, in which they specifically targeted Texas Right to Life.

The idea that women’s bodies are designed to carry pregnancies to term, abortion businesses argued, “invokes the sex stereotype that giving birth and motherhood are the proper choices for pregnant women.” They went on to accuse Texas Right to Life of implying “that women who do not deliver at full term are unnatural.”

Further, to say that pregnancy is meant to result in birth enforces a “traditional gender role stereotype,” says abortionists’ reply brief.

We know the intentional destruction of a preborn life through abortion is clearly murder. This destruction of Life is completely unnatural and harmful to both mother and child. God’s beautiful design for pregnancy and the growth of a baby in the womb is something to be celebrated and respected, not torn down as a “gender role stereotype.” 

The abortion industry has attacked Texas Right to Life countless times before, suing us 14 times in 2021 over the Texas Heartbeat Act, and calling us their “greatest threat” during a court hearing.

The abortion businesses’ accusations are weak attempts to mask their desire to profit off the destruction of preborn Life and grab at Pennsylvania tax dollars. 

This case is in front of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania now. If the abortion industry is successful in this lawsuit, Pennsylvania taxpayers will be made to pay for the deaths of tens of thousands of preborn Pennsylvania babies every year indefinitely. If the abortion industry gets their way, abortion will be woven into the fabric of Pennsylvania state law even if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

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