Texas Right to Life Weighs in on Landmark Abortion Case Heading to Pennsylvania Supreme Court


With the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade on the horizon the abortion industry is kicking into full gear to enshrine abortion atop as many states as possible.

Currently in the abortion industry’s crosshairs is Pennsylvania. For over 35 years, Pennsylvania law has prohibited Medicaid funding for abortion, but the abortion industry is working to change that.

Planned Parenthood is combining forces with other abortion centers to sue the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services in an attempt to mandate taxpayer funding of abortion through the state Medicaid program. 

Texas Right to Life is fighting against the abortion industry’s outrageous lawsuit.

The case is being heard by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

“What we are seeking in this litigation is a declaration that abortion is a fundamental right protected under the [Pennsylvania] state constitution and the suspension of the ban on Medicaid funding for abortion in Pennsylvania,” an abortion industry lawyer explained.

If the abortion industry is successful in this lawsuit, Pennsylvania taxpayers will be made to pay for the deaths of tens of thousands of preborn Pennsylvania babies every year indefinitely. If the abortion industry gets their way, abortion will be woven into the fabric of Pennsylvania state law even if Roe is overturned.

Should the innocent preborn babies in Pennsylvania be left defenseless to the whims of the vicious abortion industry? 

Still contending with 14 abortion industry lawsuits over the Texas Heartbeat Act, Texas Right to Life has extensive experience being under fire from Planned Parenthood.  

That is why Texas Right to Life filed an amicus brief in support of Pennsylvania’s Pro-Life law banning Medicaid funding of abortions.

In their Pennsylvania lawsuit, the abortion industry argues that abortion is safe and even wildly assert that abortion is safer than childbirth.

According to statements from the abortion industry they are pursuing this lawsuit specifically to target women in Pennsylvania’s African-American, Hispanic, and other minority communities who participate in Medicaid in higher rates than Caucasian Pennsylvanians. 

These tactics maintain a very consistent through line from Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger whose racist eugenicist ideas led to the creation of the abortion business.

Exposing the abortion industry’s bloodthirsty schemes, Texas Right to Life’s brief outlines the physical and psychological harms of abortion to the mother in addition to the direct killing of the preborn child.

In truth, abortion is a barbaric practice committed by an industry that cares nothing for women but only for their bottom line. 

This greedy lawsuit exposes the abortion industry for what they truly are, a business callously out to grab money wherever they can, no matter the human cost. 

Texas Right to Life will continue to stand for the innocent lives of all preborn children.  

Please keep our efforts and all preborn babies in your prayers as we continue the fight for Life.



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