No Ruling yet from Supreme Court on Texas Heartbeat Act


The Supreme Court did not rule today on the Texas Heartbeat Act despite speculation. The law remains in effect and continues to save 75-100 babies from abortion per day. Justices’ next opportunity to rule will likely be after December 1. However, there is no specific indication of when they will announce their decision.

The Supreme Court examined two lawsuits on November 1 from abortionists (Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson) and Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (United States v. Texas) regarding the Texas Heartbeat Act. The fact that the court has not yet ruled is encouraging. At the forefront of the court’s considerations is the key issue of whether these lawsuits are valid in the first place. The federal district court judge effectively ignored these questions. The Supreme Court justices are taking these procedural and standing questions seriously, which likely contributes to their silence today.

Texas Right to Life Director of Media and Communication Kimberlyn Schwartz responded:

“If the Supreme Court believed the Texas Heartbeat Act was as outrageous and unconstitutional as the abortion industry claims, they would likely want to act quickly, at least entering a temporary stay on the law. We are thankful the court seems to be giving the law a more reasonable examination. Meanwhile, every day the Texas Heartbeat Act is in effect is a victory because the law saves an estimated 75-100 babies from abortion per day.”

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