New report: Texas adoption record, more children leaving foster care than entering

In addition to the pressing need for adoption of newborn babies born into crisis, there are many children currently awaiting a forever home in the foster care system.  The approaching holidays can highlight the need for a loving family for every child.  Now, just in time for Christmas, there is encouraging news that shows Pro-Life Texans are doing their part to ensure that every Texas child has a forever family!

New figures released from Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) show that a surge in adoptions in Pro-Life Texas means more children are leaving foster care to be in safe, permanent families than are entering the foster care system.  According to Child Protective Services, the number of adoptions from the foster care system rose to more than 6,000 for the first time in the agency’s history.

More than half of the adoptions in fiscal year 2019 (3,095) were by relatives of children in foster care, which also marks a new record.  This indicates that the agency’s goal of reuniting families and keeping children with their relatives when possible is a success in Texas.

“This is certainly great news, and affirmation that our year-round adoption efforts are paying off,” Kristene Blackstone, CPS associate commissioner, said. “And in many cases, we are reunifying these children with their families.”

In the release from DFPS, Governor Greg Abbott said, “Additional resources combined with a tenacious work ethic have led to unprecedented success for the DFPS this year.”

He“Texas is better because a record number of children have been adopted in 2019 and are experiencing the joy of a loving home this Christmas season,” he continued.  “Equally impressive is the increase in the number of children who are reunited with family. The marked improvements demonstrated by DFPS are the result of the passion and commitment by DFPS staff.”

In fiscal year 2019, more than 20,000 children left the Texas foster care system, which includes the record 6,000 adopted into permanent families.  That figure outnumbered the total number of children entering foster care by 1,700. DFPS is hopeful this trend will continue in years to come.

The number of children entering foster care decreased from 20,685 in 2018 to 18,615 in 2019, while the number of adoptions continued to increase.  According to DFPS, the number of adoptions had increased 25 percent in the past decade.

During the final week of November, which is National Adoption Awareness Month, more than 400 Texas children and teens were officially adopted into forever families.  Although the holidays will soon be over, there are still other children awaiting a permanent family placement.  DFPS offers resources to Texans considering adoption, including the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange.

The abortion industry continues to spread the lie that abortion is a “solution” to poverty and suffering.  The abortion mob has led many people to believe that children are better off dead than in foster care or less than ideal situations.  The callous, inhumane view of human Life shows have depraved and grotesque the abortion industry truly is. Many abortion supporters attempt to use the fact that there are children in foster care awaiting adoption as a reason we should allow other children to be violently killed in abortion.

The wonderful truth is that we don’t have to choose to kill anyone: there is room.  Texas Right to Life knows this from the first-hand experience of so many of our passionate Pro-Life followers.  When asked if you would adopt a child in order to save him or her from abortion, the answer was a resounding “yes.”  While agreeing to adopt a hypothetical child may not seem impressive, what is impressive is how many of you already have adopted children who needed a family.

The recent report from DFPS confirms what we already knew about our Pro-Life state: Texans value Life and will stand up to protect the most vulnerable.