Think Pro-Life is really just "pro-birth?" Think again

“Pro-Lifers only care about babies in the womb!  After babies are born, Pro-Lifers don’t do anything to help them!”

Have you heard this line of reasoning from disgruntled abortion advocates seeking a way to discredit the work of Pro-Lifers?  We have.  Obviously, the Pro-Life worldview extends beyond the womb; indeed, we often characterize the expanse of our dedication to human rights with the phrase, “from fertilization to natural death.”  At Texas Right to Life, we have demonstrated this commitment to all vulnerable Texans by working tirelessly to protect all Life – from preborn children at risk of being aborted, to hospital patients of all ages vulnerable to anti-Life medical practices.

When we shared the story of hopeful adoptive parents-to-be Kevin and Nicole Cook last week, we received more responses that overwhelmingly debunk the myth that Pro-Lifers only care about children who have not yet been born.  We asked our social media family the question: “Would you ever consider adopting a child who may otherwise be aborted?”  The answer was a resounding Yes!  In fact, we heard from parents who have adopted babies who could have been aborted, young people who hope to do the same someday, parents who have fostered children, and others who were themselves adopted by Pro-Life parents.  

Have you or someone you know taken Life-affirming action on behalf of a vulnerable loved one?  Add your voice to the conversation on our Texas Right to Life Facebook page.  To learn more about the courageous adoption choice, visit and the blog Adoption Creates Families.